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A stylish alternative to tile, carpet and hardwood, decorative concrete could be perfect for your redecorating goals.

By: Joshua Danker-Dake | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: June 2008

Jason Lee of Hawkeye Custom Concrete aims to change Tulsa’s perception of decorative concrete.

If you’re redoing the floors in your home or business, you know that countless options are available. But you may not be aware of one possible approach – decorative concrete. A stylish alternative to tile, carpet and hardwood, decorative concrete could be perfect for your redecorating goals. Hawkeye Custom Concrete is proving to local consumers that concrete can be an excellent choice for their interior and exterior environments.

Usually when people think of concrete, they picture it as old, ugly and generally undesirable. But concrete doesn’t have to be this way. The use of decorative concrete is on the rise across the country, and it’s really beginning to catch on in the Tulsa area. “We’re artists for the home,” said Jason Lee of Hawkeye Custom Concrete. “We customize decorative concrete to beautify your home and increase its value.”

Hawkeye Custom Concrete has been in business since 2001, with three professionals on staff full time. They specialize in floors but do countertops as well.

One of the benefits of concrete is that it is a very adaptable medium. “You can get a border in one room and a tile pattern in another, or however else you want to customize your home,” said Lee.

Acid staining is also available. It adds color to existing concrete without overlays and is an option for both residential and commercial clients. Like fresh concrete, it can be done in border and tile patterns. If your driveway has been bleached by the sun, giving it an acid stain is much more economical than replacing it.

In addition, Hawkeye Custom Concrete provides epoxy coatings for garages. These protect your garage from oil leaks and cause oil to easily wash off. The company is able to match paint chips, allowing you to get epoxy coatings in virtually any color you desire.

Lee and his team strongly emphasize friendly and helpful customer service. “We listen to our clients,” he said. “We want you to get exactly what you have in mind, and if we are unable to provide that, we’ll refer you to someone else. Selling you something you don’t need or won’t be happy with is not on our agenda.” This honest approach has helped Hawkeye Custom Concrete build long-term relationships with their clients.

Hawkeye is a company with ambitious plans. “We aspire to be Tulsa’s leading provider of decorative concrete,” said Lee. “Our goal is to become the company known for changing the Tulsa metropolitan area’s image of concrete.”

If you’re still hesitant, you can see their work on display at many locations around Tulsa. Their clients include the Maytag store at 71st and Highway 169, Spoon Drug in Sand Springs, The Clubhouse Restaurant at 104th and Memorial, and Signature Interiors at 8222 East 103rd Street. Their handiwork will soon be featured on Cox Channel 3’s “Signature Style” program. Hawkeye Custom Concrete is currently at work on all of the new Supercuts locations.

A typical job takes them only three-and-a-half days from start to finish. For a free in-home consultation, give Hawkeye Custom Concrete a call at (918) 419-2660. For a complete list of locations where the company’s work is displayed, or to see samples of their products and colors, visit

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