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A Brush Above specializes in your home’s interior drywall and painting needs.

By: Eddie Stephens | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: January 2007

Owner, Josh Baker

Your home’s interior is susceptible. To what, you may wonder.

Interior damage and repair needs are equally as common as those on your home’s exterior. A Brush Above is your inside source to home care, maintenance and upgrades.

Josh Baker and his brother began the business five years ago. Both transferred their interior painting and drywall expertise into full-time careers.

A Brush Above focuses on your home’s interior. Drywall, custom painting and damage repair are their specialty.

Roofs leak, rooms flood and fire damages. Any of these occurrences leave their mark, but it does not have to be permanent.

“We receive calls about roof leaks. The damage shows up in water stained ceilings and walls,” Baker says. “Once the leak is sourced and repaired we come in to do the cosmetic and occasional structural repair. We assess the damaged areas, match the texture of the existing wall and ceilings, do the repair and repaint.”

A Brush Above can restore a room or an entire house to like-new status. Your home is a lifelong investment to which repairs of this nature can add years and ownership pride.

Baker assures customers of the care they give your home when doing their work, “We mask-off and isolate the room under repair which protects the rest of your house from unnecessary clean-up.”

Damage removal is one aspect, upgrading is another. Many homes were built with acoustical ceilings that can be removed and refinished.

These ceiling types, with the “popcorn effect”, as Baker calls it, can be redone. A Brush Above can remove it (a messy process), smooth it out, texture it and repaint it.

“Many times the only inconvenience to you is being unable to use the room while we are doing the work,” Baker adds. Once the work is done you have an upgraded, contemporary look without the irritating hassle and mess of doing it yourself.

Damage frequently occurs to a home’s interior when the foundation shifts. These occurrences create noticeable cracks and fissures in the walls or ceilings.

Although they are not foundation repair specialists, Baker and his crew can bring the wall back into proper alignment, repair the gaps and fill the cracks to like-new status. Sometimes nailed drywall will flake off around the nail-head during foundation shifting.

He adds, “We do not use drywall nails. It’s more effective to use drywall screws as they allow the finish to stay in place without future flaking.”

Baker removes the stress from these unfortunate or otherwise “put-off” home interior repairs. His services provide you job quality and the assurance it is done right.

“Our crews are insured. You can count on us covering any damages that may, but seldom ever, result from our work,” Baker emphasizes this important issue. “Before securing a bid make sure this safeguard is understood.”

Remember A Brush Above. Because your home is susceptible to interior damage or because you want to increase its appeal, let them be your inside source – it is their specialty.

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