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By: Christy Means-Smith | Category: Restaurants | Issue: February 2007

Chef Ludger Schulz and Alecia Schulz proudly display their popular Bavarian Creamcheese Cake.

Ludger’s Cakes & Catering has developed a large and devoted following over the years, and success can be attributed to these main aspects: The quality of the cakes and food, and the service that is provided.

“We are used to handling large crowds,” says Executive Chef/Owner Ludger Schulz. “We pay attention to detail, and because the menu is so varied, we can meet just about anyone’s needs. We also like to provide a little gourmet education to our clients that includes a crash course on dishes and wines.”

The Bavarian Creamcheese Cake (for weddings, groom’s cakes or regular dining) is a great favorite with Ludger’s customers, and comes in five flavors: Chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, key lime and chocolate chip mocha. Also on the dessert menu are handmade chocolate truffles, Italian cream cake, buttercream, carrot cake, apple strudel and chocolate dipped strawberries (which are presented in a rose box with a red ribbon bow).

Ludger’s now has a private, large dining room in their building, and it is perfect for any event. It is formal yet relaxed, elegant and fun, and is ideal for occasions all throughout the year.

“In most restaurants, even though you have a room set aside, there are still other customers and people in and out of the facility. Our dining room provides a complete dining experience solely for those who have booked the room and their guests,” says Schulz.

The dining room can hold up to 100 people, and is lovely for wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners, birthdays, corporate parties, special events and for those who would like to hold a dinner party without the worry of food preparation or making space for guests.

Ludger’s also hosts events, such as the Valentine’s Day dinner taking place at 6:30 p.m. A six-course meal with wine (a discounted price is offered to non-drinkers) and gourmet dishes will be exquisitely prepared, and tables seat six to eight people. The total cost of the evening does include tax and tips.

There are a few other items that can make your event extra-special: an ice sculpture and a chocolate fountain. The ice carvings are made, delivered and set up at a very reasonable price; and who does not enjoy a fountain of chocolate! Guests may dip their favorite fruit, pretzels and marshmallows into the fountain, and it is entertaining to view, as well.

Ludger’s hopes to fulfill all your event hopes and goals, and follows their business philosophy with each and every customer.

“Our objective is to insure that your event is as enjoyable as possible, from the planning of the menu, to the preparation and presentation of the food. So whether your meal is served in our comfortably appointed dining room, or off site, you can be sure that we will apply the highest standards of customer service.”

Recommended booking time for the dining room is two weeks before the event; and Ludger’s also caters to all events in different locations. The menu – which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner – can range from very simple to extravagantly gourmet, as all types of food of different cultures can be prepared by the Chef. Ludger Schulz came to Tulsa in 1979, and prior to that he studied and trained in Ireland, Switzerland, Sweden and Canada. He has prepared food for President Ford and many other dignitaries and enjoys the small events as much as the lavish occasions.

For more information about Ludger’s Cake & Catering, or to make an appointment for an event, call (918) 744-9988. Ludger’s is conveniently accessible from two highways, located at 6120A East 32nd Place in Tulsa.

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