An Electronic Waste Solution

Each year in America, tons of old and broken electronic devices such as computers and phones are tossed into landfills.

By: Joshua Danker-Dake | Category: Special Interest | Issue: May 2008

Ashley Cather, corporate account manager of Earth Electronic Recyclers, promotes “saving the earth one computer at a time.”

Each year in America, tons of old and broken electronic devices such as computers and phones are tossed into landfills. These devices never break down, and many contain harmful toxins like mercury and lead. Earth Electronic Recyclers, whose motto is “saving the earth one computer at a time,” is prepared to help solve this crisis, by offering free pickup and recycling of your unwanted electronics.

“We’re trying to raise awareness about the problem of electronic waste,” says Ashley Cather, Earth Electronic Recyclers corporate account manager. “Billions of pounds of electronic waste are thrown away every year, and very little of it is recycled.”

Throwing away electronics has a negative effect on the environment in two major ways. In addition to piling up landfills, many electronic devices contain various toxic substances, including mercury, lead, arsenic, beryllium, brominated flame retardants, cadmium, copper, hexavalent chromium (as seen in the film “Erin Brockovich”), nickel, zinc, phosphor, carbon black, selenium and polybrominated dihenylethers.

“It can be difficult to raise awareness and get people to care about the issue,” says Jonathan Ballard, vice president of operations for Earth Electronic Recyclers. “That’s why we offer this as a free service, which saves people money and time. Anyone can simply schedule a pickup via our website.”

Earth Electronic Recyclers picks up and recycles a variety of electronics: computers, telephones, testing equipment, circuit boards and more.

Earth Electronic Recyclers retrieves obsolete, broken and otherwise unwanted electronic devices, breaks them down and recycles the components. They can recycle PC workstations, portable computers, servers, computer hardware, monitors, software, audio and video equipment, telephones and cell phones, circuit boards, integrated circuits, semiconductors and test equipment of all kinds.

For a service charge, Earth Electronic Recyclers will take care of your old televisions as well. If you have another kind of electronic device you’d like to recycle, feel free to call and ask about it.

Earth Electronic Recyclers is registered with the Metropolitan Environmental Trust, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality, in addition to being a member of the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce.

“Some companies pay a hefty price to get their old electronics picked up, but we offer our services free to companies as well as individuals,” says Cather. Some of their environmentally-friendly corporate partners include Pepsi, John Christner Trucking, Fireytech, PC Computers, CRTS, Inc., and All PC Tech. Earth Electronic Recyclers offers a one-year contract at no charge.

When you recycle electronics with the company, they document every step of the recycling process as a premium service. You can receive a certificate of destruction, a videotape, pictures or an itemized letter explaining how the components in your electronics have been recycled.

Earth Electronic Recyclers is helping the community, too. When they receive materials that can be reused, they offer them to low-income agencies, schools, churches and needy families.

Earth Electronic Recyclers will pick up electronics for free within a one hundred mile radius of Tulsa, including Oklahoma City. To schedule a free pickup of your unwanted electronics, call them any day of the week, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. For more information or to schedule a pickup, visit   

For more information, contact

Earth Electronic Recyclers

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