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By: Eddie Stephens | Category: Other | Issue: September 2006

Operator, Linda Lewis represents the family owned business

Locating affordable deals on automobiles can be a daunting task. Often it’s about being in the right place at the right time or knowing the right person with the right vehicle for sale.

Heartland Auto Auction removes the burden of finding the best deal. At the same time it’s precisely the right place if you want to be in the driver’s seat when buying or selling affordable transportation.

Located just north of Sapulpa on Highway 66, Heartland Auto Auction is the largest and only locally owned public/dealer auto auction in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This business is owned and operated by Jack, Verna, Kurt and Linda Lewis who purchased the auction in October 1998.

Many locals may recognize it by the previous name – Enlow Auto Auction. Though the auction was originally opened in 1968, the Lewis family’s automotive history, dating back to 1955, naturally led them to enter the auction business when the opportunity arose.

Operator, Linda Lewis encourages, “The unique aspect of this auction is that both the public and dealers can buy and sell here.” Public buyers and sellers have an alternative to merely listing their vehicle in an ad; dealers have an option to sell their inventory, attempting to recoup some of their investment.

Lewis invites those not familiar with the auction’s procedures to come out and tour the facilities and the lot to get a feel for what to expect. “We recommend that newcomers visit an auction on Tuesday evenings to gain some insight into what goes on before they enter the bidding,” she says.

With auctions taking place, rain or shine, starting at 6 p.m. every Tuesday, buyers are welcome to preview vehicles on the lot all day. Lewis recommends, “It’s best to do so after 3 p.m. to allow for set up and an increase in the inventory that’s available for the evening’s auction.”

There are 200 vehicles on average featured at each Tuesday’s auction. Forty-percent of them are sold weekly.

To sell an automobile, motorcycle, RV, boat, 4-wheeler, etc. requires a $25 registration fee paid up front. The owner/seller sets the price allowing the merchandise to run through two auctions; you don’t have to be present to sell and it won’t sell unless the bids reach your set fee.

Lewis says, “Your vehicle can be a quick sell if someone is looking for the right price.” She reminds that typically automobiles go for loan value and you have the added convenience of not having buyers come to your home when using the auction.

Public buyers are required to put up a deposit of $200 to receive a “bid number”. This is a cash or credit card only transaction with no checks being accepted.

If you bid on a vehicle from one of the three indoor auction lanes and actually purchase the vehicle, your deposit applies towards the purchase. “Following the Tuesday auction you have until noon on Wednesday, the following day, to pay the balance and pick up your vehicle,” Lewis states.

Buyers are given two ways to purchase. There are “red light” (“as-is”) deals and “green light” deals each going to the highest bidder.

The high bidder on “green light” deals is allowed to drive the vehicle. If while driving there are uncommon noises or transmission issues the deal is voided; yet Lewis clarifies, “Once it leaves the lot following a purchase, it’s yours – as is!”

Lewis says that there’s no limit on the year or price of the vehicle. She states that the average sale price at most of their weekly auctions is $2200 to $2300.

The Lewis family and the Heartland crew invite you to the auction every Tuesday at 6 p.m., rain or shine. Heartland Auto Auction is a superb alternative to most buying and selling experiences.

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(918) 227-2666

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