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Rogers County Young Professionals Organization will hold its signature event.

By: Lorrie Ward Jackson | Category: Recreation/Leisure | Issue: September 2010

The “Incredibles” team completes a challenge crushing grapes at Oak Hills Winery during last year’s race. (L to R): Julie McGoffin, Christine Day, Bob Anderson and Vicki Pelky.

The “Incredibles” team completes a challenge crushing grapes at Oak Hills Winery during last year’s race. (L to R): Julie McGoffin, Christine Day, Bob Anderson and Vicki Pelky.

In September, the popular CBS television reality show “The Amazing Race” will celebrate its nine-year anniversary. This makes the timing for the Rogers County Young Professionals Organization’s “Amazing Race for Charity” all the more appropriate. On September 25, 2010, for the third year in a row, ­RCYPO will hold its signature event, which is based on the television series. Kris Beyer of RCYPO reports that there will be a few changes in the line-up.

“For the last two years, we had teams of four, but this year we are changing to teams of two,” she says. “We felt perhaps people could more easily form teams of two.”

Teams of two can be formed from all types of relationships: family members, friends, colleagues, couples. Anyone 16 and over may enter, but at least one of the team members must be at least 21. Once the age requirements are met, entering is fairly easy. Simply fill out the packet provided by RCYPO, provide proof of age and identity with government-issued photo identification, and have access to a vehicle that will seat at least three people (two teammates and a possible videographer). The entry fee for each team is $50, and entries must be completed and turned in by September 10, 2010.  

Once all the requirements are met, be ready at the starting line with a full tank of gas, because the race is on! The teams will launch on an exciting race through both rural and urban areas of Rogers County. As teams transverse both familiar and unfamiliar territory, they will solve puzzles, complete challenges and endeavor to reach the finish line before their opponents. “The race generally ends by 2:30, but last year a couple of teams got a little lost,” Kris recalls with a grin. “Everyone got home safely though.” The first three teams to arrive will receive trophies according to their place. Amazing Race for Charity T-shirts will be awarded to all participants, and everyone who enters has the chance to win one of several nice door prizes.

The Amazing Race for Charity has grown with each successive year, and Kris believes it will be even better this year. Proceeds are donated to Rogers County Special Olympians, more specifically the Wildcats softball team, for which RCYPO was able to raise $1,600 with last year’s event and $1,500 in 2008. “The money was used toward the team’s travel expenses and registration fees for the Oklahoma Special Olympic games in the spring,” says Kris. “This event normally costs them around $2,100.”

The Amazing Race for Charity is one of RCYPO’s two signature events; the other is the June Bug Jog. The Rogers County Young Professionals Organization is committed to providing professional development for its members, while helping those members give back to the community. “Our organization is designed not just for the young in age, but also for those who are young in their careers, having just made a career change,” Kris says. “We want to help our members develop both personally and professionally, and community outreach like this one is a way to accomplish that.”

Remember, registration for the Amazing Race for Charity is due by September 10.

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