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Although grout is sometimes overlooked, it is an important part of your home’s appearance.

By: Christy Means-Smith | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: September 2008

Kent Kantor displays all of the color options of grout staining.

Although grout is sometimes overlooked, it is an important part of your home’s appearance. Grout is the substance that you find between tiled surfaces, such as in shower stalls, tubs, countertops and tiled floors. Grout plays an important part in eliminating water damage to surfaces and is actually the least expensive maintenance that homeowners will have, according to Grout Care of Tulsa owner and operator Kent Kantor.

“Grout staining, or coloring, is the best, most enduring solution to sealing your grout,” says Kantor. “Staining offers a variety of every color in the rainbow, and you can go from light to dark or from dark to light. Staining is a one-time, permanent solution.”

Grout staining works better and lasts longer than clear sealers, and it protects from discoloration and hard water stains. The color variation offers homeowners the option of a whole new look and will make pre-existing grout uniform in color. It can resist odors, and the colorants are an alternative to regrouting costs.

“Restaining is remodeling for about one-fifth of the cost,” says Kantor.

The difference between staining and silicone sealers is that the sealers have to be periodically redone and don’t protect the top of the grout like sealing does, according to Kantor. The whole process takes as little as half a day, and the staining dries in 15 minutes. “By the time the crew is finished, the floor can be walked upon,” says Kantor.

Grout imperfections can occur if the grout was not mixed correctly, darkened over the years or when it won’t clean any further. Not only does ugly grout mar the appearance of a room, but also there are germs and mold that can harbor in damaged grout lines.

There are definite advantages to handing over the job to a professional – the attention to detail, the quick turnaround time and the thorough cleanup afterwards. “Many people who try to do the job of repairing their grout try using caulk. This product is rarely the proper product for the application,” says Kantor. The Grout Care staff know there are limited areas to use caulk and usually repair the needed areas with grout.

“Stop scrubbing at grout mold – it will just come back until it is repaired,” says Kantor.

Grout Care of Tulsa handles a variety of grout care needs. In addition to staining, Grout Care offers regrouting, which is a very inexpensive solution compared to new tile, grinding out grout, and cleaning and sealing services. Grout maintenance keeps everything in the surroundings looking like new, there are no extra materials to buy, and the Grout Care of Tulsa crew can be in and out of your house in less than one day.

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