Airco Wins Prestigious Dave Lennox Award

Recently Tom Boyce traveled to Baniff, Canada to receive the Dave Lennox award.

By: Lorrie Ward Jackson | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: August 2009

Tom Boyce with Airco’s original truck from 1961.

Recently Tom Boyce traveled to Baniff, Canada, a town nestled in the Canadian Rockies, on behalf of Airco (a business started by his father in 1961 and carried on by him and his brother John to present day) to receive the Dave Lennox award. This honor is coveted in the heating and air business and is only given to the top twenty five heating and air companies in North America.

This is Airco’s first Dave Lennox Award, but the company has been honored on numerous occasions, and has won the Circle of Excellence Award seven times – six of those times in the last decade. “When we won our first Circle of Excellence award in 1990,” Tom says, referring to an award given to the top one percent of companies after the Dave Lennox winners, “it was Dad’s goal to win a Dave Lennox award from that point on.”

Tom points to what he believes are the reasons for Airco’s success over the last almost 40 years – good service and fair prices. “We truly believe in good service,” Tom states. “Do it right the first time, and people will always ­recommend you.”

Tom explains that the latest heating and air conditioning units offer greater energy efficiency than ever before. Today’s air conditioners are 50 percent more efficient than those of ten years ago, and gas furnaces are 35 percent more efficient. This translates to great savings on utility bills. “We’re seeing that a lot of people might not be buying a car or going on vacations,” Tom says. “But they will invest in their homes because it lowers their monthly utility bills; they can see those savings every month in the mailbox.”

Tom is especially excited to point out the benefits of the tankless hot water “tank,” an item in which more and more homeowners are investing. One unit will heat water for an entire house and will take up far less space and energy than traditional hot water tanks. These units are already common in other parts of the world, and as Tom points out, “We are the only country in the world that heats and stores its hot water.” Tom has one of these units in his own home and loves it. “We have endless hot water, and it has drastically lowered our gas bill.”

Another place people will see savings with new installation of a heating, air or hot water unit is on their tax bill. “The government is offering up to a $1,500 tax credit to anyone who replaces their heating and air conditioning or hot water heater now,” Tom says. “In combination with factory incentive savings of up to $1,500 as well, a person could save $3,000 on an entire system.”

With award-winning service and great savings that last beyond installation, it is no surprise that Airco has grown over the last four decades. “We’ve been here a long time and are a true family business,” Tom says. “Once we get you as a customer, we keep you as a customer.”

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