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Steve Nave, of Precision Energy Audits, designed his program to specifically diagnose energy problems for your home and identify appropriate solutions.

By: Deanna Rebro | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: February 2011

Precision Energy Audits owner Steve Nave conducts a series of tests to pinpoint energy inefficiencies in a home and to provide money-saving solutions.

Precision Energy Audits owner Steve Nave conducts a series of tests to pinpoint energy inefficiencies in a home and to provide money-saving solutions.

Air is money when it comes to home energy. A house that leaks excessive air wastes the owner’s money through higher heating and cooling bills. Steve Nave of Precision Energy Audits is a certified energy auditing contractor, a certified building analyst through the Building Performance Institute, and a certified energy rater through Resnet. His firm provides a quick, inexpensive way of getting a home on track, making it more comfortable while saving on energy bills. Steve does unbiased, neutral energy audits that are independent of any industry. “This means you will not be taken advantage of by contractors who merely want to sell you their products,” Steve emphasizes.  

Steve’s program is designed specifically to diagnose energy problems and identify appropriate solutions. Among other things, the audit takes into account windows, doors, insulation levels, ducts, roofs, and heating and cooling systems.  

The data he gets from conducting a series of tests with highly specialized equipment goes into a computer program that is customized for the climate and energy costs in the Tulsa region. The resulting readouts show clients not only where they have energy leaks, but the volume of air is also converted into the number of dollars that blow away each month when heating or cooling their homes.

The Precision Energy audit also simulates various scenarios that include specific improvements in problem areas, how much the homeowner can save on energy costs, and how long it will take to recoup the investment. “If a client has a certain budget,” he explains, “I can pinpoint the areas that will be most cost effective.” According to Steve, it is quite possible and quite common for a client to spend only a few hundred dollars on improvements and see as much as $100 per month in utility savings.”

Steve says he enjoys helping people improve energy efficiency, save energy, save money and potentially improve the resale value of their homes. In recent months he has inspected many homes that were built when energy was cheap. Construction methods and finishing details did not lend themselves to today’s needs. But the good news is that these imperfections can be remedied and the homeowner can recoup costs in as little as a year. If resale is in mind, a home that has undergone a certified energy audit with recommended improvements will typically attract more interest and sell for a higher price than one that has not.

According to Steve, even a new home can be far from efficient. In addition to inadequate insulation, Steve has found that leaky ductwork is one of the biggest problems in this area. Since Oklahoma has no building codes to dictate the tightness on ductwork and no testing is required, someone can buy a brand-new home and the ductwork can leak as much as 30 to 50 percent. Only an energy audit can reveal such a potential waste of money to an unsuspecting buyer.

Steve is proud to be an ENERGY STAR partner and Home Energy Rating System Rater, meaning he can test the energy efficiency of both new homes being constructed and existing homes.

He covers field inspections in northeastern Oklahoma to certify that the home meets Energy Star requirements. The homeowner then has assurance that the home will be at least 15 percent more energy efficient than the same home built to the standard building code.

According to Steve, “Through their Residential Solutions Program, PSO has program rebates up to $1,500 for approved energy efficient upgrades.”

The difference between wasting money and saving money could be Precision Energy Audits. Energy audits can take one to four hours. Call (918) 955-0410 to book an appointment or get more ­information.

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