Achy, Breaky Knees?

Central States Orthopedic Specialist’s Dr. Ron LaButti is one of the first in the state to offer surgical navigation system for total knee replacements.

By: Sara Dale | Category: Consumer News | Issue: November 2006

Dr. Ronald LaButti pictured with Clinical Assistant Dana.

Your achy, breaky knees never had it so good! In fact, there’s no reason your knees need be achy — or even breaky — another day of your life.

That’s because orthopedic surgeon, Ronald S. LaButti, D.O. at Central States Orthopedic Specialists, Inc. (CSOS), has been changing patients’ lives by offering the Stryker surgical navigation system for total knee replacement surgery. As one of the first orthopedic surgeons in the area to perform this amazing computer-assisted knee and hip replacement procedure, Dr. LaButti’s first priority is to improve patients’ quality of life by vastly reducing pain and restoring mobility.

The Stryker surgical navigation system is the most advanced system of its kind in the area and has helped obliterate much of the guesswork in knee and hip replacement surgery. This revolutionary procedure promises shorter hospitalizations, fewer post-operative complications and improved knee joint stability and longevity.

Following His Passion
“I became extremely interested in hip and knee surgery which led me to seek a one-year fellowship in lower extremity and joint reconstruction with Kenneth Krackow, M.D., internationally recognized for innovative advancements in hip and knee replacement surgery,” Dr. LaButti says. (Fellowships are optional and require at least six months to several years of extra training depending on the specialty.) “It was a rare opportunity to learn first-hand alongside one of the forefathers of this amazing technology,” LaButti says. “Working so closely with one of the Stryker system’s originators has enabled me to fully understand and utilize this remarkable technology to the fullest potential.”

How Does the Stryker Navigational System Work?
The Stryker navigational system, which is FDA-approved navigation system for both knee and hip replacement surgery, restores mobility while greatly minimizing the risks to the patient. “The two main variables attributed to a successful knee replacement are proper alignment and balance of the knee ligaments,” Dr. LaButti says. “This system greatly minimizes, or in some instances, completely eliminates those variables. It’s like having a powerful surveyor’s tool in the operating room.”

The Stryker navigational system is much like the GPS (global positioning system) used in a car, which acts as a precise guide for the surgeon. The system uses an infrared camera and markers along with unique instrument tracking software to continually monitor the position and mechanical alignment of the implant components relative to the patient’s knee anatomy. Just as a wheel alignment affects the life of automobile tires, precise alignment is key to smooth movement and long-term wear in knee replacements. It has greatly enhanced doctors’ ability to restore range of knee function and return patients to an active lifestyle. An added benefit is there is no need for pre-operative MRI or CT scanning since the computer system gathers all the information required during the procedure.

“Knee replacement surgery is already successful, but this system helps us get even closer to perfection,” LaButti says. “It allows the surgeon to map out the knee before any bone is cut and monitor progress throughout the operation. With it, we can give a patient a new knee that has the best possible strength, stability and range of movement, even in different or abnormal anatomic situations.”

In addition to knee replacement surgeries, Dr. LaButti has also found the Stryker navigational system to be extremely useful in other minimally invasive procedures many of his patients require.

“I am committed to providing the best orthopedic care to all my patients,” Dr. LaButti says. “Realizing each patient is unique, my goal is to empower patients to make an informed decision regarding surgery after assessing their physical, emotional and socioeconomic needs.”

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