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Tax Teks offers tax preparation, bookkeeping and payroll services at affordable prices.

By: Joshua Danker-Dake | Category: Financial Services | Issue: May 2008

Tax Teks partner Cindy Snow is ready to assist you with all of your tax and bookkeeping needs.

If you’re married to an accountant, you’ve probably already finished your taxes. If you’re not so lucky and the thought of doing your taxes makes your eyes glaze over, remain calm. Help is available.

Tax Teks offers tax preparation, bookkeeping and payroll services at affordable prices. They can help incorporate your business or set up a limited liability company (LLC). They can even assist you in getting money back on missed deductions from years ago. “We offer accounting solutions for hard-working Americans,” says Cindy Snow, a Tax Teks partner. “That’s who we work for.”

Snow has over fifteen years of accounting experience. She spent eight years at a “big five” accounting firm, where she learned her way around the tax code while working with high-end clients. Now she aggressively uses the tax code to benefit the average American. “Everybody has the same rights before the IRS,” Snow says. “You don’t have to pay somebody thousands of dollars a year to handle your taxes for you.”

Tax Teks specializes in small businesses. “Many people who are self-employed might not know when they need to incorporate or form an LLC,” says Snow. “They should start with us. We want to help people turn their small businesses into bigger businesses.”

Many small business owners are too busy with paperwork to focus on their company the way they need to. Tax Teks can help with that as well. “We’re not expensive, and our initial consultation is free,” says Snow.

Tax Teks opened at the beginning of the year and is not a franchise. It is a small firm, locally owned and operated with two partners and two part-time employees. The majority of tax work is done electronically, and they have clients all over the country.

Tax Teks can offer lots of great tax tips. For example, many Americans are eligible for a tax rebate under President Bush’s economic stimulus package. Are you wondering why you haven’t received yours yet? “The thing is, you don’t receive it until you file,” says Snow. “If you applied for an extension, you won’t get the tax rebate until you file.”

The friendly people here are accustomed to working with industry-specific deductions. Healthcare professionals, people who work from home, truck drivers, and most anyone who travels regularly for work may be eligible for deductions they don’t even know about. Truck drivers, for instance, can learn how to file so that they cut their taxable income in half.

Tax Teks can also ensure that you get the full deductions allowed for your children, especially in cases of split homes.

Tax season has passed, but Tax Teks can still help. They offer a free review of prior tax returns. “Corrections can still be made on returns up to three years old and if you missed deductions, you can recieve a refund,” says Snow. “And we help with that year round.” In addition, a notary service is offered.

Often the services pay for themselves. “All our fees are tax deductible,” says Snow. “And we can usually save you enough money to cover our fees.”

Tax Teks is open Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., or by appointment. It is located at 32nd and Memorial next to Drysdales.

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Tax Teks

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(918) 622-TEKS (8357)


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