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Accent Your Body

Dr. Kyle Hrdlicka, with the Vascular & Vein Laser Center in Claremore, says those days of disappointing results are now gone for good

By: Susan Erler | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: September 2010

From lotions to creams to high-tech devices and medical procedures, it seems as though there are countless methods for people to get younger looking skin. Every new development that comes along promises to be an earth-shattering breakthrough, but most end up just being gimmicks with minimal or no results. Dr. Kyle Hrdlicka, with the Vascular & Vein Laser Center in Claremore, says those days of disappointing results are now gone for good, thanks to a new dual-layer thermotherapy laser called “Accent.”

Accent promises to be a comfortable way to tighten skin and contour your body through a special dual layer thermo therapy process. Accent is the only system on the market using two individual types of radio frequency technology: unipolar and bipolar. The unique dual radio technology provides controlled tissue heating to two distinct depths.

“We are excited to offer the ‘Accent Your Body’ system to our patients,” states Dr. Hrdlicka. “This system is great for treating wrinkled and loose skin on the face and body. For most patients, it gives immediate reversal of the telltale signs of aging.”

The treatment works by allowing the doctor to precisely heat an area of the inner layer of your skin using radio frequency. As the skin is heated, a natural reaction occurs that promotes the creation of new collagen. The result is a smooth, shapely and elastic skin, just like in your youth! This bipolar treatment is best suited for the areas where your skin is thinner and more delicate, such as your face. The unipolar treatment generates electromagnetic fields that cause friction and heating in deeper tissues, which then leads to improvements in overall shaping and firmness of your body. Done together, these dual-layer treatments can create dramatic change without the need for invasive surgery.

A patient before and after the \"Accent Your Body\" laser procedure.

A patient before and after the \"Accent Your Body\" laser procedure.

“This treatment works best for those who are trying to firm up after losing weight or who are actively trying to get rid of that last little weight or skin flab,” explains Dr. Hrdlicka. “This procedure is frequently used for toning thin, loose and crepe-like skin found on the aging face, neck and upper arms. It is also excellent for firming skin on your abdomen or inner thigh.”

The Accent laser system was voted the “Most Promising New Aesthetic Technology” in the 2006 Laser and Light Technology Choice Awards, and now it is available to you. Just give Vascular & Vein Laser Center a call at (918) 341-5311 to schedule a consultation and see if this new technology can help you, or you can see others’ results at

Another new service offered by Dr. Hrdlicka is an innovative piece of technology called the MedLite C-6 laser. It sounds intimidating, but that is just a technical term for a tattoo removal laser. The laser is safe and designed to eliminate all colors in tattoo removal treatments. Best known for its photo-acoustic effect, the laser is a combination of high power and nanosecond pulse widths that deliver peak energy through the skin faster than the normal relaxation time of the tissue. The result is a safe and easy way to get the results you desire. How does it work? The MedLite produces a high-energy beam of light at four different wavelengths. Each wavelength targets specific ink colors. The energy from the laser beam passes through the skin and is absorbed by the tattoo ink. The intense energy breaks down the ink, which is then gradually removed by the body’s natural filtering system. Clients see superior results without damage to the surrounding tissues.

Each patient will be ­different in the number of treatments necessary. A professional tattoo can require 6 to 20 treatments for removal. Amateur tattoos are usually not very deep and done with less ink, requiring fewer treatments. The number will vary depending on various factors including type, amount, depth, and colors used on the tattoo.

“Most patients will see better than 95 percent removal,” explains Dr. Hrdlicka. “It would be impossible for me to predict the degree of removal without first seeing the patient, but there is no charge for the initial consultation.”

The center has been in business since 1969, when it was named Claremore Surgeons. Dr. Hrdlicka’s father was one of the founding physicians of the practice. After graduating from Claremore High School in 1983 and attending medical school, Dr. Kyle Hrdlicka decided to join his father. In 2002, they added the Vascular & Vein Laser Center to the practice, and now specialize in many different areas. The bottom line is that here, you will find a family tradition in providing the very best in patient care. Call (918) 341-5311 to schedule your appointment today.

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The Accent also successfully tones facial skin.

The Accent also successfully tones facial skin.

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