Academy of Risk Seminar

The Holmes Organisation will present its annual client appreciation seminar August 30 at the Renaissance Hotel in Tulsa.

By: Lorrie Ward | Category: Financial Services | Issue: August 2012

Dee Sink, lead consultant, and Cindy Davidson, account executive.

Dee Sink, lead consultant, and Cindy Davidson, account executive.

With the cost of providing ­benefits to employees on a ­continual rise, CEOs, risk ­managers, business owners and HR personnel need to keep abreast of the latest changes, developments and ideas in order to balance their budgets. That’s why The Holmes Organisation in Tulsa will present its Academy of Risk 2012 Client Appreciation Seminar on August 30, 2012 at the Renaissance Hotel in Tulsa. “We provide ongoing education for our clients,” says Dee Sink, lead consultant at The Holmes Organisation. “The Academy of Risk Seminar is part of that.”

One of the main topics ­covered at the seminar is OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) with speaker Danny Edwards, risk architect, who will cover subtopics ­including “What To Do If OSHA Comes Knocking at Your Door,” “Surviving an OSHA Audit,” and “OSHA Compliance Obligations.”

“Danny has actually had clients who have been through OSHA audits,” says Cindy Davidson, account executive at The Holmes Organisation. “He’s helped his clients and wants to show others how to survive these audits.”

Tanya Curry, director of claims for The Holmes Organisation who has been called upon to teach classes to state organizations on her ­seminar topic, will cover ­workers’ compensation issues: “Workers’ Compensation Basics: Who, What, When and Where It Applies”; “Best Claim Practices”; and “Return to Work and Light Duty: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.”

Felix Jones, retirement ­specialist for The Holmes Organisation, will speak on 401(k) disclosures, covering subtopics such as “Fee Disclosure Regulations,” “Retirement Plans,” “Impact of the Department of Labor’s 408(b)(2),” and “How to Survive a 401(k) Audit.”

Eric Moon, dubbed “Wellness Dude and Coach” by the staff at The Holmes Organisation, where he serves as corporate programming ­consultant, will speak on “Crafting a Culture of Wellness” and “Incentives and Barriers for Wellness.”

The seminar will wrap up with keynote speaker Kim Holland, who will cover topics relating to health care reform ­legislative updates, shedding light on the status of healthcare reform implementation across the United States and the impact of the Supreme Court’s latest decision on healthcare reform. “Kim Holland is a former ­insurance commissioner and ­currently serves as a lobbyist in Washington D.C.,” says Sink. “She is highly qualified to bring us all up to date with what’s ­happening on the hill.”

Bringing clients up to date with information and education is what The Holmes Organisation is all about. “We value our ­customers, and we want to make sure they are continually ­educated on current legislative and regulative updates,” says Davidson. “That’s why we do all of this.”

“The basis of this seminar is education and serves as a ‘thank you’ to our clients, but you don’t necessarily have to be a client to attend this seminar,” Sink adds. “However, seating is limited, so it is best to contact us as quickly as possible if you are interested. We welcome anyone who deals with and wants to learn more about these issues.”

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