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Impressions in Stone offers a product that has the beautiful look of stone, but without the weight, time and expense.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: November 2011

Dagan Heaps with just a few of the many choices available from Impressions in Stone. The stone he is holding on the left is a man-made stone, the other is natural.

Dagan Heaps with just a few of the many choices available from Impressions in Stone. The stone he is holding on the left is a man-made stone, the other is natural.

Whether you’re building or remodeling, there is a product guaranteed to give your home the look of stone at a very ­attractive price – and that ­product is manufactured right here in Oklahoma.

Impressions in Stone employs quality ingredients in a cast cement product that is designed to look and feel like the real thing – stone. “If you live in the Tulsa metro area or have traveled through Oklahoma or the mid-south region of the United States, you’ve seen stone made by Impressions in Stone,” says Company President Dagan Heaps. “Our manufactured stone products are found in applications from rugged outdoor wall surfaces to interior fireplaces, kitchens, retaining walls, wine cellars, and more. Just use your imagination.”

The product is absolutely beautiful and can be installed over most substrates including brick and natural stone. It comes in dozens of standard color options, or Impressions in Stone will color match your existing stone if you’ve chosen to add on or remodel a home or business and found that the original stone used is no longer available. Each made-to-order product may be used for interior as well as ­exterior walls, and no footer is required because the product weighs much less than actual stone. It can, therefore, be used in applications where it would be impossible to use real stone – dormers or second story fireplaces, for example.

“We assure fast delivery times, and each product comes with a 50-year warranty,” says Dagan. “Customers have found that our products are a great solution to beautifying both ­interiors and exteriors of their homes and businesses.”  

Impressions in Stone is great for the do-it-yourself ­enthusiast. Take your idea to Dagan or Mike Howell, vice president of marketing, and they will assist you in making ­calculations and final decisions. Each product comes with simple step-by-step instructions. If you feel you might be getting in over your head, they will offer names of trusted, experienced and skilled installation specialists who can do the job for you, while assuring that the final ­project will be in accordance with local building code ­specifications.  

The manmade stone ­products of Impressions in Stone are cast in cement and look and feel like real stone. Master molds are made using select natural stones of varying shapes, sizes and textures to ensure pleasing visuals for any final project. Mixtures of Portland Cement, lightweight aggregate, water, and iron oxide color pigments are blended prior to pouring into molds. Dagan has created several techniques used to achieve the coloring and shade variations of natural stone. The manufactured stone is cured several days prior to delivery.

Although most people love the look of natural stone, it is often eliminated as a ­consideration because of its weight, expense, and time ­needed to lay the stones. The manufactured products of Impressions in Stone offer a great solution. Masonry mortar is used to secure stones to ­virtually any rigid, hard surface – open studs, treated masonry, clean untreated masonry, even stucco and sheetrock.  

Here’s the bottom line. If you love the look of stone, but dislike the expense and other limitations, Impressions in Stone has a solution in the ­custom-made stone products they offer. The door is always open, and their showroom features dozens of stone styles and colors at an attractive price. The showroom also has photos and a video of numerous businesses and homes that have successfully achieved their beautiful look of stone with Impressions in Stone. Please go online and see homes and businesses, many of which you will recognize, that are customers of Impressions in Stone.

Showroom hours are 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. You may also call to set up an appointment. Dagan and Mike are ready to assist you.

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