A “Stand-On” Product Perspective

Tile by Tony features a see-it-before-you-buy-it perspective.

By: Eddie Stephens | Category: Consumer News | Issue: October 2006

Owner, Tony Sementi stands on and beside his large inventory of tile products

“We stand by our reputation” is a confirmation of  quality. “Tile by Tony” is no exception.

Twenty-five years experience with tile installation has enabled Owner, Tony Sementi, to go a step further building a solid reputation. Having opened his Catoosa retail showroom over four years ago, he offers customers the opportunity to stand upon his reputation, literally!

Sementi explains, “Our showroom design is different than most tile stores. In our store you can actually view various styles and layouts of tile while walking the floor of our showroom.”

The store features a mosaic of tile available to purchase. “People are visual,” says Sementi, “Our showroom floor layout helps tile buyers get an informed perspective.”

Sementi initiated another customer advantage two years ago.  “Tile dealers often place their orders as needed and warehouse only minimum inventories. Tile by Tony, however, warehouses bulk quantities of tile and passes the savings on to customers,” states Sementi.

The truckload versus dolly-load approach provides savings while appealing to the do-it-yourselfer. Sementi says, “He or she can purchase a large quantity of high-quality tile at a good price and receive expert installation advice.”

Sementi’s background as an installer enables customers to benefit from his extensive experience and knowledge. With his awareness of the tile market, he provides shoppers with a wealth of information before they begin a project.

“Not all tile is created equally,” Sementi confirms. “Color and design are important, but so are wear-and-tear abilities for products being considered in high-traffic areas.” Advance product knowledge ensures that tile selections will meet or exceed project expectations.

Bathroom remodeling projects are popular with homeowners today.  Many designs include walk-in showers, with or without doors. Tile by Tony displays showroom layouts featuring fresh remodeling ideas. Sementi says bathrooms and kitchens can potentially increase a home’s resale value.

In addition to new construction, much of this company’s installation business is in remodeling projects. Sementi and his full-time staff of installers have the experience necessary to identify conditions that could affect project quality. Having a hand on these potential problem areas prior to actually beginning a project are another big benefit to the customer.  

Sementi agrees that homeowners should expect only the highest quality work. “Quality tile information and installation has brought many referrals to my company,” he proudly states.

“Our installation and sales reputation have made us a top choice with tile distributors as well. We’re known as the go-to-guys when an installation issue arises,” Sementi says.

All contracted work is overseen and completed by one of five crews his company employs. Sementi compliments their abilities and says, “We have good people who have been with us for a while and we keep them busy throughout the area.”

The Catoosa location has offered the business an opportunity to increase its sales area and potential. Establishing a base of operations has led them to be firmly invested throughout surrounding communities.

Showroom hours are 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

The showroom’s unique layout and hands-on approach is somewhat unique among tile dealers. Their talents, knowledge, experience and reputation, combined with their on-site inventories, are attributes on which Tile by Tony proudly stands.

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