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Tulsa Transit conveniently and efficiently expands it’s Broken Arrow Connection.

By: Value News | Category: Special Interest | Issue: September 2006

Tulsa Transit consistently has its eye on the future. The future for Broken Arrow is now with expanded bus service that translates to convenience and efficiency for those who ride.

According to Cynthia Staab, Tulsa Transit’s Assistant General Manager, progress is establishing expanded service in Broken Arrow. “The purchase of two larger, better equipped buses will handle the demand. We’ve realigned our service to better serve our Broken Arrow passengers,” Staab says.

The demand in this rider zone continues to be strong and Tulsa Transit is discovering that passenger satisfaction has risen. Staab reports, “To provide better service we’ve installed passenger benches at our stops and are in the process of building passenger shelters.”

Improvements that enhance customer service, primarily the result of adding additional bus service, are thought to be worth the financial investment. “Our highest compliments go out to the City of Broken Arrow for funding this new addition,” Staab affirms.

A noticeable increase to the Broken Arrow transit service provided by the two buses will offer transportation options in both directions, reducing rider trip times. According to available route maps the Broken Arrow 508 Connection operates on a more flexible ‘Fixed Route’.

Previous rider numbers were low when Broken Arrow operated one leased bus. When Tulsa Transit’s service began there were 500 riders per month; totals now run over 600.

Staab clarifies that most who ride the BA service depend on it. Many are seniors or have disabilities.

The new buses purchased by Tulsa Transit, to begin operation in October, will have newer lifts. Seating capacity will also increase to 15 passengers on each.

Passengers will catch the bus and travel from one bus stop to another along a fixed route without reservations, according to the Connection’s map and description. Noticeable features on the maps will identify the direction and options of travel made available by the new service.

The expansion will target the most needed times of passenger usage. The second bus will operate in the 8-hour “peak period” of 7 a.m. to Noon and 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

The 508 BA connection bus will also travel to any destination within the service area for passengers who make advanced reservations. Those reservations are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis according to times available.

According to Cynthia Staab, “The curb-to-curb service on the BA route is popular. Now with a second bus, we expect an increase.”

The flexible route schedule should be understood as approximate. The bus could arrive 10 minutes before or after the scheduled time to allow for off-route pick ups. Discount fare cards and unlimited ride passes are available at Tulsa and Broken Arrow area QuikTrip stores.

Overall, Staab is thrilled to report that Tulsa Transit’s ridership is up over 30 percent since last year. “People are looking for options and we’re especially excited to provide them for the Broken Arrow residents through our new, expanded service,” she confirms.

With a bold future focus, Tulsa Transit is expanding the efficient transportation options of area residents. The new and increased Route 508 Broken Arrow Connection is another way people can get where they need to go effectively and efficiently.

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