A Room Full of Possibilities

Concrete Solutions wants to make your garage functional again from the ground up.

By: Ernie Osborn | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: March 2017

Change the way you look at your garage. Give Josh at Concrete Solutions a call.

There was a time when the garage was thought of as a storage room attached to the house. In most cases it caught the unsightly, unseen and sometimes unwanted mess. The days of the clutter catching, grease monkey catch-all are going the way of the dinosaur. Garages these days have become extensions of the living area. From man-caves to show places for big kid toys, this parking and storage space is taking on its own unique place in the home, for some even being the hangout spot with additions of big screen TV’s, sound systems, decorative art or even disco balls. Enter Concrete Solutions. Josh Keltner started the company in 2003 when doing work on his patio. He was simply making changes and improvements he thought complimented his home when it caught his neighbors’ eye. The attention Josh received eventually landed him a custom patio job. His neighbor was so pleased that Josh was referred for another custom job, followed by a slew of projects. His services earned so much interest and side work, Josh quit his job and put his full devotion into Concrete Solutions in 2004. The company specializes in custom floors, making your garage new from the ground up. With their Epoxy Garage Floor system, Concrete Solutions is able to turn the former men’s exile zone into a place that is clean, functional and perfect for entertaining. The system is custom tailored to your particular tastes, whether it is a special flake design or your favorite sports team’s colors. “We aim to offer our clients quick turnaround on a long lasting product,” said Josh. “It’s easy to clean too, just simply hose it out.” Josh and his team like to complete jobs in usually 2 days time from project start to finish, with prices starting at $3.95 per square foot. The local business’s goal is for your space to reflect the same entertainment and show value of your home’s interior. Concrete Solutions has emerged from their humble beginnings into a business with an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. From commercial floor polishing to transforming storage spaces into gathering places, it’s no question why their customers consider them the obvious solution. Change the way you look at your garage. Give Josh at Concrete Solutions a call.
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