A Man of His Word

One of the candidates for District 1 County Commissioner is 30 year Rogers County resident Larry Dealy.

By: Susan Erler | Category: Special Interest | Issue: July 2010

Larry Dealy hopes to be the next Rogers County Commissioner District 1.

Larry Dealy hopes to be the next Rogers County Commissioner District 1.

Rogers County residents have some tough choices to make very soon. The race for District 1 County Commissioner is in full swing, with several candidates hoping to be the voter’s choice. One of these candidates is 30 year Rogers County resident Larry Dealy.

Mr. Dealy, a man who clearly is more comfortable being called “Larry,” has spent most of his career as a general contractor and owner of Dealy and Associates Construction Company. He raised his family in this area and, along with wife Rebecca, is now busy raising their grandson, Riley.

Larry has been involved in politics for many years but has spent that time working behind the scenes for other political candidates. Recently, he decided it was the right time in his life to jump into the world of politics himself. “The main reason I decided to run was my dissatisfaction with how things are going right now. I knew I couldn’t affect the political scene on a national or state level yet, but I could make a difference right here in my own back yard,” he explains. “Change needs to start here.”

Larry has several philosophies about running for office. The first is the desire to treat people as if they are one of his valued customers. “As a small business owner, you have to be sure to listen to each of your customers’ concerns, address those concerns, and do everything in your power to produce a quality product that everyone involved is satisfied with,” Larry states. “As County Commissioner, it will be my job to listen to my constituents’ concerns and address them. I know I won’t make everyone happy all the time, but I will get the job done.”

If elected, Larry says that his first goal is to establish a countywide planning commission. “The areas of our county that currently have a planning commission are experiencing phenomenal growth,” Larry says. “I feel that this one step alone will raise ad valorem dollars for our schools, which are desperately in need of those funds.”

With his background in construction, Larry believes he has experience to do the commissioner’s job. He handles planning, zoning and inspections as part of his daily job – it would be easy to transfer this knowledge to his position as County Commissioner, if elected.

One of the hardest parts of running for political office in this day and age is gaining the people’s trust. “The major complaint I hear from people is that they can’t get a truthful answer out of their politicians,” says Larry. “What I want the people of Rogers County to know is that when I tell you something, you can take it to the bank.”

This attitude can be seen on his campaign signs around town too, which proudly proclaim, “A man of his word!” It will be up to Rogers County District 1 voters to decide if Larry Dealy will finally be a politician they can believe in.

The primary election is scheduled for July 27, with a runoff election being held in August if needed. If you have any questions to ask Larry, feel free to call him at (918) 344-1518 or email eat0@eau0eav0eaw0. He would love to hear your concerns and share his plan for Rogers County with you!

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