A Holiday to Remember

Dr. Ronald and Robin LaButti celebrate their new addition to their family, Sophia.

By: Sara Dale | Category: Special Interest | Issue: December 2006

(L to R) Sandra, Ron, Sophia, Gabriel, Robin, Silvia and Antonio.

The holidays aren’t the only thing Dr. Ron and Robin LaButti are celebrating this year. They are also celebrating, or to be more precise, rejoicing in the long-awaited arrival of their precious daughter, Sophia.

The Long and Winding Road to Sophia
The LaButtis were finally able to bring Sophia home on August 2, 2006, nearly a year after she was born in Guatemala. From beginning to end, the entire adoption process took 17 months.

“There were many ups and downs along the way. Basically, it seemed like whatever could go wrong, did,” Robin says. “But, the important thing is we finally have our baby. The whole experience has made us appreciate every moment we have with her all the more. As soon as we brought her home, it was like she was always here. Ron and I feel like Sophia was made for us. We can’t imagine having any other baby. We’re so thrilled to celebrate our first Christmas with our daughter. We know this holiday season will be one we’ll never forget.”

Loving Foster Parents
Throughout the months of waiting, the LaButtis were also very grateful for Sophia’s warm and loving Guatemalan foster parents, Silvia and Antonio Benito DeLeon. “They were amazing,” Robin says. “They loved Sophia as if she was their own baby. They will certainly continue to be a part of her life; in fact, they are her godparents. We are in constant touch with them. They always want to know what Sophia is doing and ask us to give her a hug and kiss from them every night.”

The LaButtis traveled to Guatemala four times during the process to visit Sophia and their foster family. Silvia and Antonio took them all over Guatemala in their little red Toyota Tercel. These jaunts across Guatemala were adventures in and of themselves, with seven passengers crammed into a car with no seat belts or air conditioning! But, the trips proved unforgettable as the LaButtis viewed incredible architecture and sampled amazing food.

“Knowing we had the best foster family in Guatemala was the only thing keeping me from going crazy,” Robin says. “It was so hard giving Sophia back to Silvia and Antonio at the end of our visits, especially as their entire family cried along with us in the hotel lobby. From my first visit on Valentine’s Day when Silvia brought Sophia to me and we hugged, I knew she would be a part of my life forever. I can’t even put into words my gratitude for the love and care they gave Sophia and the support they gave Ron and me.”

Passing Along Lessons Learned
Despite the frustrations they faced during the adoption process, the LaButtis definitely plan to adopt another child from Guatemala. “It can be completely overwhelming but we learned some important lessons along the way,” Robin says. “So, hopefully it’ll go more smoothly the next time.”

In terms of adoption, several of those “lessons learned” include:

  • Thoroughly research adoption agencies
  • Interview at least five to eight agencies from across the country
  • Visit on-line adoption forums to get feedback about other people’s experiences with agencies
  • Talk to as many people as possible who have adopted a child

Overwhelming Support
Throughout the months of waiting and the entire adoption experience itself, the LaButtis were amazed by the enormous support they received from their friends and family. “My patients were incredible,” Dr. LaButti says. “The outpouring of support Robin and I received from them, as well as from my coworkers at Central States Orthopedic Specialists, was phenomenal. We appreciated that so much. Robin and I want to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for all the love, thoughts and prayers we received during the adoption process.”

(Incidentally, the two other members of the LaButti family, Labrador Retrievers, Jesse and Lucy, are equally fond of their new little sister. The feeling is mutual on Sophia’s part. She is crazy about them and thinks they are the best playmates a girl could have.)

To see more photographs of our family and Guatemala, we invite you to visit www.hipandkneedoc.com and click on the Photo Page!

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!
Ron, Robin and Sophia LaButti

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