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Nearly anyone who has tried it says that martial arts training is a bountiful gift – it bestows confidence, health, energy, discipline, enjoyment and so much more.

By: Sheryl Sowell | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: December 2009

Enrolling your kids for martial arts at Apollo’s Karate is a wonderful, beneficial gift idea.

Over the years, the holiday season has become a commercial event; it seems as though it’s all about what’s under the Christmas tree. But many would agree that the holidays should focus more on the people in your life, and giving gifts of appreciation that are more than just material objects. If you’re looking for the perfect present for your child, spouse or best friend, why not give a truly unique gift they will use for a lifetime?

Nearly anyone who has tried it says that martial arts training is a bountiful gift – it bestows confidence, health, energy, discipline, enjoyment and so much more. What could be better to give than this to your loved ones? You could even join them and reap the benefits as well.

Apollo’s Karate has four area locations and is staffed by certified black belts who are passionate about martial arts. “The Christmas season is a wonderful time of year,” said Dale “Apollo” Cook, owner and chief instructor of Apollo’s Karate. “But we also know that it can be stressful, both for adults and children alike. One of the great things about karate is that it creates a surge in energy and confidence that comes through exercise, discipline and mastery.” Cook is a seventh degree black belt and is well-versed and belted in several other martial arts forms. His talent and determination led him to five World Kickboxing championship wins.

“The discipline that it takes to stick with martial arts is incorporated into every lesson,” said Cook. “However, the biggest reason people stay with the martial arts is simply because it’s a lot of fun.”

Your children may beg for the latest gadgets and toys this holiday season, but signing them up at Apollo’s Karate is a gift they will appreciate now and for many years to come. The Little Ninja program is designed for children five to six years old and teaches life skills in addition to martial arts moves. The Karate Kids program is for children ages seven to 13. This training emphasizes handling schoolyard bullies without having to fight, developing confidence, resisting peer pressure, and self-defense if a fight simply cannot be avoided. Kid’s Jiu Jitsu is another option at Apollo’s and is the area’s only Jiu Jitsu program for children taught by a black belt.

“Martial arts classes instill a high level of confidence in the children, and parents really appreciate that. That confidence can be applied to so many areas of life to help make these kids successful,” said Cook.

Apollo’s also offers different levels of adult instruction. Some classes focus strictly on self-defense while others are more traditional and lead the student through the belt system. The first lesson is private and helps to break down inhibitions about the martial arts program.  

Many of your adult family members and friends will welcome the excitement and challenge of karate, grappling, mixed martial arts (MMA), kickboxing and Ketsugo Jiu Jitsu classes offered at Apollo’s Karate.

For a wonderful gift for your best girl friend, sister, aunt, or daughter, consider taking a women-only kickboxing class together. Ladies will get in shape through a challenging kickboxing program that tones and firms flabby areas, as well as teaches valuable self-defense techniques.

Apollo’s instructors are all certified black belts and personally trained by Cook. In addition, they each participate in the American Council in Martial Arts instructor education and certification programs, allowing them to remain abreast of new training and teaching techniques.

If you’re searching for a meaningful holiday gift for your loved ones, pick up their tab for martial arts classes at Apollo’s Karate. You may even want to join them! To learn more, call or go online to ­www.apolloskarate.com.

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