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Have you ever looked down at your hands and been upset by what you see?

By: Mallory Spoor-Baker | Category: Health & Beauty | Issue: December 2008

Dr. Mallory Spoor-Baker of Advanced Cosmetic Medicine offers procedures that can dramatically and quickly rejuvenate your hands.

Have you ever looked down at your hands and been upset by what you see? Do your bones and veins stick out, making you look older than you feel? You are not alone! Most women over 45 start to notice the toll of age on their hands, with thinning skin and increasingly prominent bones and veins. You may also have evidence of sun damage: brown spots. At Advanced Cosmetic Medicine, we are performing two procedures that can dramatically and quickly rejuvenate your hands for the holidays. 

The first procedure uses the dermal filler Radiesse. Radiesse is a calcium-based filler that when applied to the back of the hands will help to fill in the gaps between the bones and soften the appearance of the veins. This procedure is as close to painless as we can get. It's also fast and has relatively little bruising or downtime. My patients love it! Don't forget that Radiesse is also used to rapidly fill in nasolabial lines, lines around the mouth, and can also be used to actually augment or enhance cheek bones, jaw lines or other bones on the face. I have found that augmenting the cheek bones helps to lift the cheek tissue just enough to soften jowling and other facial sags. Radiesse has also been shown clinically to increase collagen synthesis in the treatment area so you can see very long correction – sometimes one to two years. The collagen synthesis provided by Radiesse can also mean that repeat treatments require less product than at first.

The second procedure for the hands is to laser off those brown spots! I have been using an IPL laser system for brown pigmentation for over 10 years. IPL is excellent for the treatment of brown and red pigmentation on faces, hands, legs, and just about anywhere. We've known for years that IPL laser also stimulates collagen synthesis in tissue, so you can see improved skin texture, smoothness and pore size. On the face and neck, IPL helps to clear up blotchy skin, uneven pigmentation, veins, redness and texture problems. It works extremely well on the hands to remove brown pigmentation and will also improve the overall skin texture. In as little as two treatments you can see clearer, younger-looking hands.

When you are looking for ways to look younger don't forget about your hands. Plump them up and get rid of those unsightly brown spots for the holidays! Use this winter to get a jump start on feeling better about yourself. Call us at Advanced Cosmetic Medicine, come in for a free consultation, and find out what you can do to look younger and feel younger for 2009.

Want beautiful, young-looking hands without the age spots, thinning skin, and prominent veins and bones? Advanced Cosmetic Medicine can help.

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