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A Dream Home Designer

Danny Pavey of Dezign Plus will help your dream-house become a reality.

By: Lorrie Jackson | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: February 2007

Danny Pavey will help you design your dream home.

If you have been searching for the perfect house you know the process can be exciting and yet frustrating at times. Even with all the available books on home improvement, it is hard to find just the right plan to fit your needs. You may like the floor plan of one home, but you may not care much for the outward appearance, or vice versa. Maybe you like the floor plan, but wish you could add a few square feet here or there, or maybe move an entire room.

No matter what changes you desire, Danny Pavey of Dezign Plus can help you. “I call myself the Dream Home Designer,” says Danny, “Because I like to help people design the home of their dreams.” Danny can help clients accomplish this in different ways, either by designing a new home using only their imaginations or a combination of plans found in books, or by helping them design a remodel of their existing home.

“When people want a new or redesigned home, they usually begin by looking on the internet and through home design books,” Danny relates. “Most people like some of what they see but find that no one plan fits their needs perfectly.” Danny encourages clients to bring several plans they like to the initial meeting. “I can take a little of this and that and put it all together the way they would like,” he says. “Or we can start completely from scratch.” Danny starts with pencil sketches, so that the plans can easily be changed as often as needed until the plan is laid out to the client’s satisfaction.

His number one priority is ensuring that the client is completely satisfied. Danny often jokes, “If a client says they want a kitchen island on the roof, then I’ll find a way to make it happen.” But on a more serious note, he continues, “Really, as long as what the client wants conforms to building codes, I will try my very best to work it into the design.”   

For instance, one client wanted a small coffee bar built into her master bathroom so she could have her coffee first thing in the morning while she dressed and put on her makeup. Danny worked her request into the floorplan with ease.  

A walk through one of Danny’s most recent designs displays his dedication to personal attention and customized design. The home (currently finishing construction) will house a busy family with four active children, and so Danny helped the homeowners design a plan with plenty of closet and bathroom space, a large common area near the children’s bedrooms and locker type cubbies by the back entrance.

But perhaps you do not want a brand new home. Perhaps you love where you live, but feel your home could use some major renovations to become “the home of your dreams.” Danny can draw up plans to help you update and expand on your existing structure. His past experience with the building process has given him the understanding needed to know what works and what doesn’t and what will conform to building codes. This is especially important in the placement of plumbing fixtures and electrical outlets in both new construction and existing home remodels.

Danny started Dezign Plus three years ago, but he has spent 30 years accumulating the experience to start the business of his dreams. He spent many years with Occidental Oil Company in Tulsa, where he worked in the advertising department, designing and building exhibits for corporate events all over the world. This allowed him not only to exercise his creative side but to travel all over the world: London, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, just to name a few places.

Danny’s passion, however, has always been home design, and so when Occidental closed its Tulsa office in 1996, Danny decided to follow his dream. “I had been designing homes for years,” Danny relates, “and decided to pursue my passion full-time.”

A rapidly growing portfolio of satisfied customers is certainly glad he did.

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