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A Dental Plan to Make You Smile

Dr. Steven White offers an innovative alternative that makes dental care affordable.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Other | Issue: April 2014

The White Cosmetic and Family Dentistry staff includes (L to R): Dr. Steven White, Lonna White, Jessica Klassen, Tara Coble, Tracey Mulkey and Jessica Shaw.

The White Cosmetic and Family Dentistry staff includes (L to R): Dr. Steven White, Lonna White, Jessica Klassen, Tara Coble, Tracey Mulkey and Jessica Shaw.

Steven White, D.D.S., is the owner of White Cosmetic and Family Dentistry. Dr. White has been in practice since 1977. “White Smile” offers a full range of dental services for your whole ­family, starting with ­preventive and restorative ­procedures for children to dentures and implants for adults. Dr. White’s services include cosmetic dentistry, TMJ therapy, Invisalign teeth straightening, and treatment for snoring problems. “We are also very concerned about gum disease and the effects it can have on a person’s overall health,” he adds. Dr. White is able to treat those who are very fearful and require ­sedation or to be “put to sleep” in order to have dental work completed. “Our ­mission,” says Dr. White, “is to provide our patients ­high-quality dentistry in a friendly, comfortable and caring­ ­environment.”
    As healthcare debates continue, Dr. White has ­taken a step to help Tulsa area families afford quality dental care. “More than 60 percent of Americans do without ­dental insurance because they feel they can’t afford it,” said Dr. White. “A recent CBS News report indicated dental decay as a contributing factor in many seemingly unrelated issues including employment problems, heart disease and childhood school absences. It’s not unusual for a child to be in chronic pain because a simple cavity was not caught and treated in time.”
    Dr. White says much of the cost of dental care is going to third parties: the insurance companies, claims form administrators and ­collection costs. When a potential dental problem is detected early – through ­regular exams and preventive procedures including ­cleanings and fluoride ­treatments – and then ­treated, it inherently saves you money, much more than if you wait to receive treatment after the problem has become a greater issue. You’ve heard the old saying, “Pay me now or pay me later.”
    When Dr. White and his staff saw the hundreds of ­dollars families were spending for treatments that could have been avoided by early ­detection through simple ­routine checkups, they chose to put a tailored plan in action that is currently being made available in selected dental offices across the nation. The plan is both ­simple and ingenious and is called QDP (Quality Dental Plan). Dr. White says, “I have found that we can offer free exams, free teeth cleanings with all necessary exams and 20 percent off most dental procedures, by offering our own in-house dental savings plan. QDP eliminates the insurance company middle man and their huge profits, and puts the ­savings back in your pocket.”
    Dr. White said the premiums individuals or employers pay for dental insurance more than covers the costs of two cleanings, exams and preventive care in most dental offices. Instead of wasting these dollars on excessive ­premiums, they can be used instead for needed treatment. With this plan, you and your family will have no reason to avoid recommended ­check-ups and cleanings. Dr. White also hopes that the cost ­savings potential of QDP will make sense to employers as an alternative to offering ­current dental insurance options to their employees.
    When you visit “White Smile,” you’ll find a full range of services utilizing only the latest materials, techniques and technologies available. They have a beautiful, comfortable office with a friendly, caring and helpful staff.  
    Call the office of White Cosmetic and Family Dentistry and schedule a ­consultation to receive ­additional information about their in-house QDP.

For more information, contact

White Cosmetic and Family Dentistry

8126 S. Mingo, Ste. 105Tulsa, OK 74133(918)

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White Smile Cosmetic & Family Dentistry

For more information, contact:

Dr. Steven White

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