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A Cut Above Lives Up to Name

A Cut Above offers a wide variety of grooming services for your pet.

By: Susan Erler | Category: Pets | Issue: December 2010

Jackie Lembcke, with her dog Jazz, is a lifetime dog lover and owner of A Cut Above in Broken Arrow.

Jackie Lembcke, with her dog Jazz, is a lifetime dog lover and owner of A Cut Above in Broken Arrow.

As any pet owner will attest, your pets always make their way into your heart, and before you know it, they are members of the family. No one seems to know exactly when or how it happens, but it does. Suddenly, you find yourself looking over the labels on your dog food and obsessing about proper nutrition and exercise for your pet. As if they were your children, you research local veterinarians searching for the very best, and when it comes time to get your pooch the perfect haircut, you spend hours searching for the right groomer too. No one wants to leave their pet in the hands of someone they can’t trust. Luckily for Broken Arrow residents, a new dog groomer has set up shop in town, and with nine years of experience grooming, but a lifetime as a dog lover, your pets will know the difference. After all, dogs know when they are around someone that understands them, and the pets groomed at A Cut Above know they are in good hands.

Owner Jackie Lembcke moved to Broken Arrow from Minnesota a year ago to attend Rhema Bible College. Once here, she decided Broken Arrow was the perfect community to continue doing the work she loved in Minnesota – dog grooming. Although Jackie’s shop has only been open for a few months, she is thrilled to say that word is getting around. Her list of return clients has grown tremendously, along with client referrals. “I have just begun getting established, but I have been amazed at the loyalty I have from my clients,” says Jackie. “Once you find someone who will love and care for your pet as if they were their own, you never want to take your dog anywhere else!”

A Cut Above offers a wide variety of services, all performed with love and care. They can do simple treatments, such as nail trimming and filing, de-shedding and de-matting, and even teeth cleaning. “Pretty much anything you want us to do to pamper your pet, we are happy to do for you,” explains Jackie. “We really focus on doing the best job while always keeping in mind the comfort of your pet. We never do anything that stresses the dog.”

Breed-specific grooming is something that a lot of shops say they can do, but few actually have the experience to make sure your pet looks like the breed it is. Jackie has the years of experience to make sure your poodle looks as good as a show poodle.

It is this attention to the care and needs of the pets that has brought the most attention to Jackie’s business. “Not all groomers worry about stressing the dogs,” she says. “We really focus on keeping a calm and relaxing environment in our shop. It is just easier on the pets, and the groomers too.” She has been so successful in creating this atmosphere that most of her dogs don’t even need to be kenneled while at her store. If pet owners request it, she certainly will accommodate their needs, but she finds that most dogs enjoy the social time with others.

Jackie also specializes in the care and grooming of special needs dogs. She has numerous clients whose dogs have only two or three limbs, and dogs that are elderly and have arthritis or other ailments. These pets take additional time and care to groom, so many shops simply don’t accept them as customers. Jackie truly enjoys working with animals that need additional attention and encourages pet owners to give her a try. “Often times owners with special needs pets just quit taking them in for grooming,” she says. “Grooming your pet not only makes them look better but helps them stay healthier. You can trust your pet with me, and I understand how to make sure they don’t get overexcited or injure themselves.”

Just a few moments spent talking with Jackie and you will see that there is a difference in groomers. She loves dogs and enjoys spending each and every moment with them. She will do whatever it takes to make sure you are happy with her services. “I always go above and beyond for all of my clients,” Jackie explains. “I take the time necessary to do the job and do it right, even if it means spending extra hours to get it done. And, I try to be just as customer service oriented with my pets owners too!” She will accommodate early drop-offs and late pick-ups when needed. All you have to do is ask, and Jackie will make sure you have the grooming experience you and your pet deserve.

Next time, give your pet a spa day experience instead of just a haircut. Call Jackie Lembcke at (918) 286-6161. She is located on the northeast corner of 71st and Elm, next to Fajita Rita’s. Call for your appointment today.

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