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LCI Concrete specializes in removing and replacing driveways, sidewalks, patios and flatwork.

By: Joshua Danker-Dake | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: November 2012

Kalan Paul, owner of LCI Concrete.

Kalan Paul, owner of LCI Concrete.

Damage to your driveway, whether in the form of cracking, pitting or flaking, is ugly and can reduce the curb appeal of your house substantially. LCI Concrete removes and replaces concrete driveways, sidewalks, and patios. At LCI Concrete, they place an emphasis on ­quality.

    They’ve been serving the Tulsa metro area since 2005. “We pride ourselves on being fast and efficient, and on ­providing great quality at a great price,” says owner Kalan Paul. “Customers are amazed at how fast we can remove and replace their driveways, usually within two days or less!”

    Here’s what customers are saying: “They were fast, polite and cleaned up when they were done,” said A. Holmes. “I was amazed at the quality and ­turnaround time,” said Ben W. “I couldn’t be happier,” said Don L. These are just a few of the many customers that have received a new driveway or patio from LCI. They are loaded with references and ready to share them!

    There are certain ­ingredients to creating the strongest, most durable driveway or patio. They include rebar (iron rods) on stands, 3500psi concrete, proper grading to force water away from your house, and an estimate with a total turnkey price including all materials and labor before they start. Another overlooked item in this industry is proper insurance. LCI Concrete carries general liability and workman’s comp for your protection.

    Kalan says, “Rebar can’t be emphasized enough,” and he’s not referring to wire mesh. “When talking about rebar, we’re referencing iron rods that are placed in the middle of the concrete. By doing this, you’re adding years onto your driveway’s life, and in Oklahoma, where the ground is constantly moving, having an iron base inside helps keep it all in place.”

    A question often asked is, “When is it too late to have ­concrete work done?” The answer may surprise you. Concrete can be poured anytime of the year. There are a few rules that must be present. The first one is you need four days in a row where the temperature will rise above 40 degrees. The ­second is, if the temperature will fall below freezing, it will likely need to be covered or ­“blanketed” over night. Kalan’s team has over 30 years of ­combined experience. They use local reputable suppliers for all of their supplies and materials.

    One of the biggest things you can do to protect your ­driveway this winter is to not use salt, which can corrode and ­damage your driveway, causing it to pit and flake.

    Estimates from LCI Concrete are free, and they’ll give you the materials and costs of your job in writing before they start. “Our goals are to make our customers happy and to ensure the highest level of quality and service on every ­project,” Kalan says.

    They are a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating and a member of the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce. Give them a call today for a free no obligation estimate on a project you’ve been meaning to do!

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