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A Complaint-Free World

Rev. Will Bowen is inspiring people to be complaint-free one purple bracelet at a time.

By: Value News | Category: Special Interest | Issue: January 2008

Rev. Will Bowen

Did a family member drive your car and leave the gas tank on empty? Was your burger overcooked at dinner last night? Did another driver cut you off on your way to work this morning? From day to day, some things just do not go as planned. Complaining, a widespread habit, is a common response by most people to such setbacks. Will Bowen, lead minister of Christ Church Unity in Kansas City, Missouri, has set out on a mission to make the world a complaint-free place.

Bowen believes the world would be a much better place if people did not complain. To begin the huge task of changing the world, he started with the closest group of people to him: the Christ Church Unity congregation. One Sunday morning, Bowen passed out purple bracelets to everyone as part of his sermon on prosperity. The congregation was given the challenge of going 21 days without complaining. Since then, the Complaint-Free World movement has exploded in popularity throughout the world; over six million bracelets have been requested in more than 80 countries.

The rules for wearing the purple bracelets are simple. When you catch yourself complaining, criticizing or gossiping, the bracelet must be moved to the other wrist. The same rules apply if someone else catches you complaining. “The idea is to ultimately keep the bracelet on the same wrist for 21 days,” says Bowen. “Scientists believe it takes that long to form a new habit.” And, for an added catch, if you point out someone else’s need to switch his or her bracelet, you must do the same.

Personally, I have attempted the 21-day challenge. In the 30 days that I have had my bracelet, the task has been difficult (not to mention that purple does not always match what I am wearing). But, while I have yet to be complaint-free, the bracelet seems to have instilled some change. Although I have never considered myself much of a complainer, I am now consciously aware of my own negative thoughts. A great effort has been made to cut back on the non-constructive things I may have to say.

Rev. Will Bowen’s book is now available to help people become complaint-free.

With the onset of 2008, I encourage everyone to order their own purple bracelets and embark on a new journey. Take on a different challenge as your New Year’s resolution and stick with it. Stop complaining. According to Bowen, the average person requires four to 10 months of their best effort to achieve this goal. Those who go 21 days without complaining will receive Certificates of Happiness from Christ Church Unity.

Bowen and his Complaint-Free World movement have been featured on “Oprah,” “The Today Show,” the Fox News channel and on countless television and radio interviews. Bowen has even written a book about his campaign in response to the overwhelming support and response he has received. “A Complaint-Free World: How to Stop Complaining and Start Enjoying the Life You Always Wanted” offers important information for becoming complaint-free, inspiring stories from people who have changed their lives and more.

Visit to order your free purple bracelet, learn more about the campaign or purchase Bowen’s book.  As Maya Angelou once said, “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Don’t complain.”

For more information, contact

Christ Church Unity

1000 N.E. Barry Road, Kansas City, MO 64155
(816) 436-0200

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