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A Clean Solution

Magic Wand Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning, LLC, professionally cleans carpets with personal service.

By: Lorrie Jackson | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: July 2007

Mike Harris, owner of Magic Wand Carpet Cleaning

“Do-it-yourself” projects have recently increased in popularity in our society. Entire television networks and home improvement store chains have developed in response to the “do-it-yourself” trend. While these self-sufficient urges seem admirable in most cases, there are still some tasks that should only be performed by professionals. Carpet cleaning is one of those tasks, according to Mike Harris, owner of Magic Wand Carpet Cleaning.

“Someone who is trying to clean a carpet themselves is only getting 12 to 15 percent of soil out of the carpet,” Harris says. “An educated technician using a proper truck-mounted system should be able to lift 80 to 95 percent of the soil.”

Harris emphasizes “educated” as the most important part of the phrase “educated technician.” “Over 85 percent of technicians out there aren’t certified,” he points out. “In order to receive certification, you have to be properly educated.” A certified technician will understand the latest technology and trends in the carpet cleaning industry, including the proper cleaning procedures and chemical applications. Harris keeps his certification up-to-date and thoroughly follows the steps needed to get carpet as clean as possible.

“I still clean carpets the old fashioned way,” Harris says. “A lot of companies no longer pre-vacuum or agitate the carpet. A huge percentage of the dirt is removed through this process. If the carpet is not pre-vacuumed, the soil just turns to a muddy solution.” Harris pre-vacuums the wall edging and baseboards with a professional-strength vacuum, and he sprays traffic lanes with a cleaner and emulsifier before getting started. He then agitates the carpet to bring the rest of the dirt to the top. Because he takes his time, Harris only cleans one to two carpets each day, as opposed to five to seven covered by most other carpet cleaning companies. “I want to be thorough,” says Harris. “It is important to me to do the job right.”

Harris professionally cleans a home’s carpet.

Harris is also very experienced in the area of upholstery cleaning. His familiarity gives him the expertise to share the pros and cons of upholstery cleaning with his clients. Clients are therefore able to make more educated decisions. “Not all upholstery can or should be cleaned with my system because permanent damage can be caused,” Mike says. “I am very honest with customers when this situation arises.”

Although approved upholstery is cleaned on an “as needed” basis, Harris mentions that carpets should be cleaned approximately every six months. Regular cleaning keeps the fibers allergen-free. Having the job done by educated professionals will help avoid the premature browning that sometimes occurs as a result of improper carpet cleaning methods.

Harris cleaned carpets for four years before his recent opening of Magic Wand Carpet Cleaning. He formerly worked in the aerospace industry, but when his company moved, his interest in carpet cleaning took over. He applied at a reputable carpet cleaning company, which trained and educated him to do professional work for clients. Harris’ attention to detail garnered many requests by clients for him to personally clean their carpets. His former employer still gets requests for Harris and often sends those clients his way. “I get a lot of business by word of mouth,” says Harris. “When you do the job right, people find out about it.”

Take care when choosing a professional carpet cleaner. Call (918) 639-1324 for Mike Harris at Magic Wand Carpet Cleaning and discover the difference an educated professional can make.

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