A Butler for Your Garage

Give the gift of security this holiday season with the Garage Butler.

By: Lorrie Jackson | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: December 2007

Jim Quintus invented and patented the Garage Butler over 10 years ago.

The Garage Butler has been sighted at the North Pole this holiday season. That is, North Pole, Alaska. Why would a device invented by Jim Quintus in Owasso, Oklahoma, be spotted so far north? “A couple in Alaska went Christmas shopping for about four hours,” Quintus explains. “They returned to find their garage door open, and they realized they were very lucky their pipes hadn’t frozen up. The water systems in that area are based in the garage, and temperatures often fall to 38 degrees below zero. As a result, the couple purchased a Garage Butler device not long after.”

Quintus adds that temperatures are not the only concern at the North Pole. Residents who have left garage doors open have returned home to find that moose, elk and even polar bears have torn up the garage interior looking for food. The Alaskan couple knew they needed to provide extra security for their home. They searched until they found the Garage Butler, a device that closes the garage door even if a homeowner gets busy and forgets. The Garage Butler has brought peace of mind to many people, especially to the couple in the North Pole.

Moose, bears and elk may not be a concern in the Tulsa area, but theft prevention is a universal need. Researchers estimate that 45 percent of all burglaries occur through open garage doors. Because of this, the Garage Butler makes a great holiday gift for loved ones or even for yourself. Garages often store high-priced items, such as golf clubs, bicycles and thousands of dollars worth of tools. All of which, if lost, would cost far more than a comparatively small investment in a Garage Butler system.

Operating the device is simple. Homeowners set the Garage Butler on one of six time settings, which range from three to 60 minutes. When the garage door has been left open, and the selected time interval has elapsed, the Garage Butler will beep for 30 seconds as a warning that it will soon close. If the homeowner does not respond, the device signals the garage door to close.

What if you want to keep your garage door open for some reason? Perhaps you are cleaning the garage or having a garage sale. The Garbage Butler is equipped with a dark and dusk feature, allowing homeowners to simply press the “hold” button and stop the device’s timing action. The garage door will not close until darkness descends on the garage. The photocell inside the Garage Butler will sense the change and send out an alert signal when 30 seconds remain before the door closes. Thus, leaving the garage door open all night is prevented. The device can even be switched to the “off” position, and the garage door can be left open for an unlimited period of time.

Concerned that the Garage Butler will harm a child or pet? Quintus assures customers that the device is perfectly safe. It does not interfere with the safety circuits of your regular garage door opener or its normal operation. And it can be used with any brand of garage door opener.

Looking for the perfect gift this holiday season? Look no further. The Garage Butler can provide a sense of security and well-being throughout the coming year for everyone on your holiday shopping list. Visit www.garagecloser.com today to quickly and easily order the Garage Butler. “This device makes the perfect gift,” Quintus mentions. “And it can be shipped anywhere in the United States and Canada for no additional cost.” Also offered are discounts on multiple orders.

Have peace of mind knowing that you will never have to worry about your garage door being left open again. The moose, elk, bears and thieves may not appreciate your effort, but you and your loved ones certainly will. Visit www.garagecloser.com for more information about the product.

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