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200+ Things to do at Home

By: Value News | Category: Recreation/Leisure | Issue: January 2021

It’s always fun to do something new, but often we fall into the trap of spending our free time the same way.  Let’s be honest, it can be quite dull and uneventful following the same monotonous routine day in and day out.  Trying new things and enhancing experiences that already make you happy helps us relieve monotony, vanquish fears, boredom and allow us to expand our minds and learn. If you’re stuck in the same old routine, it might be time to try something new.  What should I do today? No ideas? Here’s a list of ideas (some common and some unique) that just might help! Everything listed here is something you can easily do no matter where you live, and even on a tight budget!

1. Decorate Easter eggs.

2. Break out a good book. The Bible is always good; and for other helpful suggestions and reviews, check out a website like 

3. Start a new hobby. A few ideas include knitting, stained glass, Soduku and fiction writing.

4. Try a new recipe. The possibilities are endless on Pinterest.

5. Do a puzzle. It’s a little old-school, but still fun.

6. Pull out some old board games or a pack of cards.

7. Engage in some pre-spring cleaning.

8. Rearrange your furniture. Sometimes a few moves is all it takes to make your place look new.

9. Tackle a home improvement project. 10. Plan your summer vacation or staycation.

11. Have a movie and popcorn night. Dig out an old favorite or stream or rent something new.

12. Research your family history and create a family tree.

13. Write a letter to touch base with an old friend or family member. Everyone loves getting an actual letter that’s not a bill or solicitation.

14. Watch the newest season of your favorite show on Netflix.

15. Go for a walk, even a 15-minute one.

16. Go out and shovel and clean out your flower beds for spring planting. It’s a great workout!

17. Try an outdoor activity like fishing using a tree limb, string and bread ball.

18. Have a spitball fight and rediscover a great use for your straws and paper!

19. Volunteer your time at a local nonprofit or animal shelter.

20. Have a Tele-Party.

21. Have a costume night.

22. Go on a picnic; or throw an indoor picnic.

23. Make your own ‘News’ video with your smart phone.

24. Have an indoor/outdoor scavenger hunt.

25. Plant some seedlings.

26. Have a “Movie Night” indoor party.

27. Learn to do nail art.

28. Film a cooking show.

29. Make greeting, Valentine and Easter cards.

30. Make a Scarecrow. Use newspaper and or paper towels for stuffing if straw is unavailable.

31. Have a Karaoke night.

32. Play with Lego; yep they’re fun for adults too!

33. Make jewelry using some of your no-longer-worn costume jewelry.

34. Create an English tea party for just you or the family too.

35. Plant bulbs.

36. Have a water balloon fight.

37. Learn yoga.

38. Invent a writing code.

39. Have a photo shoot.

40. Learn calligraphy.

41. Invent your own board game.

42. Have a spa night.

43. Play charades.

44. Make a family scrapbook.

45. List creative ways to say “Thank You” and show appreciation.

46. Learn to juggle.

47. Create a new dance.

48. Watch wildlife.

49. Make some bread.

50. Organize a budget food contest; rules are to create a dish under $10.00. 

51. Go on a YouTube marathon watching free movies.

52. Play free online games.

53. Search Wikipedia.

54. Play pen & pencil games; hangman, tic tac toe, etc.

55. Play a sentence game.

56. Learn Origami.

57. Learn about essential oils.

58. Give yourselves his and her facials.

59. Take a bubble bath.

60. Learn how to give a massage.

61. List your bad habits and a plan to break them.

62. Make a kite.

63. Color code your bookshelf.

64. Clean your car.

65. Create a vision board.

66. Start an Instagram page for your pet.

67. Sage your house.

68. Take a nap.

69. Write poetry.

70. Play a video game.

71. Create a vision board.

   72. Draw or paint a picture.

73. Practice creative writing.

74. Play with your pet.

75. Listen to the radio or podcasts.

76. Learn a foreign language.

77. Take an online course.

78. Clean the refrigerator

79. Redo the lighting in the room you spend the most time in.

80. Refresh yourself on astronomy.

81. Use your hand weights.

82. Make a terrarium.

83. Download an app you’ve been curious about.

84. Learn an instrument.

85. Create a new Pinterest board.

86. Delete apps you don’t use from your phone.

87. Talk to your plants.

88. Prep your meals for a week.

89. Light incense and meditate.

90. Turn the lights off and watch a scary movie.

91. Color-code your closet.

92. Plan a fun weekend.

93. Study a map.

94. Stretch.

95. Organize your vitamin cabinet.

96. Clean up your email inbox.

97. Sew something.

98. Collect items throughout your home to donate.

99. Practice singing.

100. 20 Amazing places you can visit without leaving home -

101. Create a new special space for the family pet.

102. Organize your bathroom cabinets.

103. Watch (and try) YouTube tutorials.

104. Make a seasonal wreath.

105. Dust off your outdoor space.

106. Cook something new.

107. Start a blog.

108. Hang up a piece of art.

109. Make a bucket list.

110. Exercise.

111. Eat cake batter.

112. Make soup.

113. Play your favorite song on repeat until you know all of the words.

114. Have a joke contest tele-party.

115. Make a list of things you like and don’t like.

116. Design a life you will love.

1. Laundry Basket Ski Ball

2. Make Duct Take Bracelet

3. Make a Life-Size Indoor Board Game

4. Coloring Contest - Put out paper and markers. For each “round” give your children a theme like an amusement park or their dream house.

5. Make Soap Clouds

     6. Crayon sand Paper T-Shirts

7. Glow Sticks Dance Party - Go to the Dollarstore and buy some fun glow sticks, turn off the lights, and blast some music!

8. Make Balloon Rockets

9. Make a Marshmallow Shooter

10. Mail a Hug

11. Make Playdough Mats -This will keep the little ones busy for a long time!

12. Fairy Mason Jars

13. Tie Dye Baby Wipes

14. Cardboard Light Tunnel

15. Make a Retro Theme Day

16. Make a Cotton Swab Painting

17. The Floor is Lava Game

18. Secret Message Activity

19. Put on a Magic Show

Learn magic tricks and show family and friends.

20. Balloon Pop Rocks Experiment

Do the Balloon Fizz Science Experiment

21. Make Cupcakes

22. Hide and Go Seek in the Dark - Play Hide & Seek with the lights off using glow bracelets.

23. Mock Camping Trip - Use a play tent, sleeping bags or blankets, and flash lights. You can eat dinner in your tent and sing camp songs.

24. Make a “Restaurant” Dinner

Have your kids help you make dinner. Create menus with them to decorate and serve your spouse or neighbors.

25. DIY Giant Paper Airplane

26. Make a Collage - Make a collage with magazine pages or family photos.

27. Make Musical Instruments -

Find items around the house and construct different instruments. This teaches kids how to recycle waste into something useful and fun.

28. Make Chalk Board Slime

29. Make a Time Capsule

30. Do Jigsaw Puzzles - You can purchase puzzles at the Dollar Store for $2-$3

31. Make a Sun Catcher

32. Watch Home Movies (ie. Mom & Dad’s Wedding, Baby Videos.)

33. Decorate with Puffy Paint

The Dollarama sells Puffy Paint in the art section and you can purchase a top or a hat to decorate. Make sure you let it completely dry before wearing it.

34. Make Indoor Skis

35. Make Ice Cream in a Bag

36. Make No Sew Scrunchies

37. Potato Stamping

38. Build a Village out of Blocks or Lego

39. Make a DJ Dance Party - Go to the dollar store and get glow sticks! Dress your kids in light colors. Close the blinds and the lights and activate their glow sticks. Put on their favorite songs and have them dance.

40. Make a Snow Storm in a Jar

41. Make a Clear Water Bead Slime

42. Paper Plate Marble Track

43. Create a Jelly Fish Discovery Bottle

44. Hot Glue Gun Crafts

45. Make a Felt Car Play Mat

46. Easy Science Experiments for Kids

47. Create a Foosball Table

48. Shaving Cream Rainbow Art

49. Puffy Paint Ice Cream Art

50. Marker Recycling Paint Craft

51. Mason Jar Aquariums

52. Indoor Hopscotch

53. Make a Scavenger Hunt

54. DIY Crayon Candles

55. DIY Lava Lamp

56. Board Game Night

57. Create Your Own Bookmarks

58. Salt Art Fireworks

59. Make a Coffee Filter Earth

60. Make Fake Snow

61. Homemade Volcanos

62. Flower Pot Craft

63. Make a Video - Bust out your cell phone or ipad, get your children to make a play. Have them practice it a bunch of times. Find or make some costumes and have them perform their play on the video. You can put it on the computer for them to watch.

64. Cardboard Box Creations

Take your children to the grocery or drug store and ask for extra used boxes.

Here are some cool ideas your can do with cardboard boxes:

65. Play Tic Tac Toe, Hang Man, Mash, and Other Paper Games -

66. Nature Art - Let your kids run around your front or back yard  and collect items in nature (ie. leaves, sticks, rocks, flowers.) Give them bristol board and glue and have them make abstract art using their findings.

67. Make Smores

Safely microwave your marshmallows.

68. Make a Playing Card Castle

69. Make Pizza

70. Science Experiments

71. Relay Races

You can create some games to play:

* Potato Sack Races (using garbage bags or pillow cases.

* 3 Legged Race using Socks or Shoe Laces

* Spoon Race (holding a ping pong ball or egg.

72. Make Edible PlayDough

73. Create Your own Shrinky Dinks

74. Make an Aquarium

All you need is two paper plates (cut out the middle of one., glue, googly eyes, foam, blue paint, saran wrap and rocks from outside.

75. Homemade Tap Shoes - Tape nickels to the bottom of your kid’s running shoes and you’ve got a pair of tap shoes.

76. Make Ocean Slime

77. Make Frozen Yogurt Bites

78. Candle Decorating

79. Create a Comic Book -

80. Magic Water Tricks -

81. Edible Pretzel Log Cabin

82. Disney Pictionary

83. Play Shark - All you need is a folded ironing board to be your boat. Keep the kids on the boat. If they fall off, they get “eaten” by the Shark, which Mom or Dad can play!

84. Paper Towel Roll Cars

85. Edible Kool-Aid Slime -

86. Make Sand Bucket Minions

87. Have a Card Game Tournament

88. Make a High Tea Party

89. Color Shoes or Sandals with Sharpies

90. Exploding Bags Experiment

This one is messy but a lot of fun!

91. Make a Pet Rock

Pick a rock outside. Let the kids paint them, decorate them.

92. Sumo Wrestling Match

Make the kids are supervised during this one.

93. Make a Lego Night Light

94. Take a Virtual Field Trip

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