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Tulsa County Assessor John A. Wright makes it easier for you to claim your property tax exemptions!

You may file for your 2022 property tax exemptions at the Tulsa County Assessor's Office. We are located on the fifth floor of the Tulsa County HQ Building at Sixth and Denver in Downtown Tulsa. In addition, the locations listed below are available, on the days noted, for you to file the following exemption applications and other documents. For questions, please call our office at 918-596-5100. You can also visit our website at to obtain more information or to download forms.

Homestead Exemption - To be approved for the year 2022, the Single Homestead Exemption must be applied for by March 15, 2022 or within 30 days from the issue date of an assessment notice. You need to apply if your real estate property has changed ownership during 2021 or you have not previously applied for homestead exemption. If filed after March 15th, the single homestead exemption will be allowed for the following year, 2023. Your deed must be notarized before January 1st and filed in the County Clerk's Office by February 1st to allow the exemption in the current year. If you did not move or change your deed in any way and have previously filed for the exemption on your residence, you are not required to re-file an application.

Additional Homestead Exemption - To be approved for the year 2022, your gross household income must be $25,000 or less during 2021. You must file between January 2nd and March 15th or 30 days from the issue date of an assessment notice. To file you will need to bring proof of income for 2021 such as all 1099 and W2 forms from all income sources. The additional homestead exemption requires annual filing, except persons who are 65 years of age or older or who are permanently disabled.

Senior Property Valuation Limitation - To be approved for the year 2022, you must be 65 years of age before January 1, 2022 and have a gross household income of $74,200 or less during 2021. If you qualify for this exemption, you must file between January 2nd and March 15th or 30 days from the issue date of an assessment notice. To file you will need to bring proof of income for 2021, such as all 1099 and W2 forms from all income sources. Seniors who have qualified are not required to re-file.

Veterans - There is an exemption for veterans honorably discharged from active service in any branch of the United States armed forces or Oklahoma National Guard and who have been certified by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs to have one hundred percent (100%) permanent, service-connected disability or be the surviving spouse of such head of household. Exemption is for the full amount of the fair cash value of the homestead property. The unmarried spouse of a veteran killed in action may also qualify for an exemption.

Agricultural Renditions - You may file your 2022 agricultural renditions including your Agricultural Tax Exemption Permit. Renditions must be filed by March 15th to avoid penalty.

Business Renditions - Business owners must file a 2022 business personal property rendition by March 15th to avoid penalty.

Manufactured Home Renditions - If you do not own the land, your manufactured home rendition must be filed by March 15th to avoid penalty. To have your manufactured home assessed or to file for the homestead exemption, you will need to bring the title or registration for the manufactured home.

Manufactured Home Exemption - To be approved for 2022, you must be at least 62 years of age or older, the head of household, and own and reside in a manufactured home on land you do not own. Other qualifications will apply. For questions or more information, please call 918-596-5142.

Property Tax Refund - If your gross household income from all sources (except gifts) is $12,000 or less, and you are at least 65 years of age or totally disabled, you may be eligible for a property tax refund by filing state form 538-H. Filing deadline is June 30th.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has changed the household median income in Tulsa, Osage, Creek, Rogers and Wagoner counties. This change will impact senior citizens' ability to qualify for a Property Valuation Limitation for Ad Valorem tax purposes. For 2022, the new maximum annual gross household income is $74,200. Seniors who are qualified are not required to re-file.
To be approved for year 2022, you must be 65 years of age or over as of January 1, 2022 and have a gross household income of $74,200 or less during 2021. You must file between January 2nd and March 15th or within 30 calendar days from the issue date of Notice of Increase in Valuation of Real Property. To file you will need to bring proof of income from 2021, such as Social Security, 1099 and W2 forms from all income sources.
Please contact the County Assessor’s Office in the county you live in to see if you qualify and apply for this benefit.
John A. Wright, Tulsa County (918)596-5100
Ed Quinton, Jr., Osage County (918)287-3448
JaNell Enlow, Creek County (918)224-4508
Scott Marsh, Rogers County (918)923-4795
Sandy Hodges, Wagoner County (918)485-2367

Bixby - Community Center - 211 N. Cabaniss Ave. - Tuesday, January 18 9-4:30
Skiatook - Community Building - 220 S. Broadway St. - Wednesday, January 19 1-4:30
Broken Arrow - Community Building - 1500 S. Main St. - Thursday, January 20 8:30-4:30
Collinsville - RCB Bank - 111 N. 11th St. - Tuesday, January 25 9-4:30
Jenks - City Hall - 211 N. Elm St. - Wednesday, January 26 9-4:30
Tulsa - Security Bank - 10727 E. 51st St. - Thursday, January 27 9:30-4
Sand Springs - Health Center - 306 E. Broadway St. - Wednesday, February 2 8:30-4:30
Owasso - Community Center - 301 S. Cedar St. - Thursday, February 3 8:30-4:30
Sperry - Sperry Library - 10150 N. Cincinnati Ave. - Tuesday, February 8 1-5
Berryhill - Activities Center - 2703 S. 65th W. Ave. - Wednesday, February 9 10-2
Glenpool - City Hall - 12205 S. Yukon Ave. - Thursday, February 10 8:30-4:30

About Tulsa County Assessor's Office

The Assessor is responsible for placing a Fair Cash Value (Market) on property as of the tax date (January 1) of each year. Oklahoma property taxes are "ad valorem", a Latin term meaning "as to value." Property tax systems are based on market value of real, personal and public service properties. All property in the State of Oklahoma is taxable unless a federal or state law provides an exemption. Public service properties are centrally valued by the Oklahoma Tax Commission. County Assessors in Oklahoma are responsible for establishing values of all taxable property within a county. This value is converted into an assessment, which is one component in the computation of real property tax bills. The Assessor has no jurisdiction or responsibility for taxing jurisdiction budgets or establishing the tax rate.

By Title 68 Section 2815 of the Ad Valorem Tax code, "the County Assessor shall take an oath that he will assess all property as provided by law." To ensure that fair and equal assessments are achieved, this office has fully trained and accredited field appraisers who continually work to update property records fairly and accurately. Tulsa County's appraisal system is based on modern, sound, and nationally accepted appraisal principles and methods.

The County Assessor's only function is the assessment of property. The Assessor's office does not set your tax rate or collect taxes. Tax rates are set by the County Excise Board depending on funding needed for units of government and schools, as allowed by Oklahoma law, and to pay for bonds approved by voters for capital improvements such as utilities, education, libraries, and school buildings. The County Treasurer's office is responsible for the collection of all tax monies.

The Tulsa County Assessor is committed to the principle that each and every citizen is always to be:
- treated with courtesy and respect.
- treated fairly and equitably.
- provided prompt services and information.
- given personal and professional attention.
- provided an opportunity to have your suggestions and opinions heard and acted upon.
- informed of all exemptions for which you may be qualified to receive.
- referred to the appropriate department or individual in a friendly and courteous manner.
- informed as to how your property is being assessed and how to appeal your value.

John A. Wright was elected Tulsa County Assessor and officially took office December 1, 2018. Prior to that, John has served with the Assessor’s Office for eight years.

While the fundamentals of property appraisal are unchanged the job has become more technical, statistical, analytical, and complex over recent years. John Wright has the training and experience to meet these new challenges. His background includes:

Assessment Administration Specialist (AAS) - Conferred by the International Association of Assessing Officers, September 2018
County Assessor Certification, OSU County Training Program - Completed Requirements for Certification, October 2016
Accredited Member Status (IAM) - International Association of Assessing Officers, Achieved 2015
Advanced Assessor Accreditation - Oklahoma Tax Commission, Awarded June 2011
Initial Assessor Accreditation - Oklahoma Tax Commission, Achieved and Awarded February 2011
Member, Oklahoma House of Representatives - House District 76, 1998-2010
Chairman, Administrative Rules Committee - Oklahoma House of Representatives, 2005-2010
Elected by the House Majority Caucus to Serve as Caucus Chairman, 2006-2010
Oklahoma Licensed Real Estate Broker 062681 - Currently Inactive Status
Associated with The Greater Tulsa Association of Realtors, 1998-2010
BS, Marketing - Jacksonville University, Jacksonville, FL

Ed Quinton, Jr., Osage County (918) 287-3448 JaNell Enlow, Creek County (918) 224-4508 Scott Marsh, Rogers County (918) 923-4795 Sandy Hodges, Wagoner County (918) 485-2367

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