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• AG Chemicals & Equipment
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• Solar Fence Chargers
• Electric Fence Gates
• Fence Clips
• Gate Handles
• Insulators
• Wire Cutters
• Splice Tools
• Fence Stretchers

• Wire Panel 50” x 16’ 4 ga. $25.99
• 10’ Priefert Utility Panel $124.00
• 12’ Priefert Utility Panel $134.00

• 4 x 8 Wood Post $11.60 ea.
• 6’ Steel T-Post 1.33 @ $5.90 ea. (clips included)

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About Stillwater Milling Co.

Stillwater Milling Company is one of the oldest feed manufacturers in the state of Oklahoma. In business since 1891, Stillwater Milling Company has four branch locations in Stillwater, Claremore, Davis, and Perry, along with over 100 feed dealers within Oklahoma and neighboring states. We manufacture our feed in Stillwater, and our stores offer a wide variety of products/services including, but not limited to: feed, garden seed, fertilizer, tack, clothing, livestock equipment, chemical, fencing, medications, pet food, etc. In addition, we have in-house nutritionists who can help formulate custom rations as well as helping to determine which feeds suit your needs. Selections and pricing will vary by location.

The ancestor of Stillwater Milling Company was Thomas and Plummer Perfection Mills, established in 1891 to make wheat flour and corn meal for home baking. In 1906, Stillwater Mill and Elevator Company was incorporated by the Babcock family to produce flour under the name “Stillwater’s Best Flour.” In 1918, Andy Goodholm purchased the company and added a line of home flour products called “Good Home Flour.” The mill did well and was expanded to produce livestock feeds. Stillwater Milling Company’s feed is branded as A&M Feeds; named after Andy, and his wife, Mandy, Goodholm. Haskell Cudd came to work at Stillwater Milling Co. as a bookkeeper in 1933. That same year the mill was purchased by Haskell Cudd, Paul Wise and James Berry.

The Berry family sold their interest after the death of James Berry. For over forty years after purchasing the Berry stock, the Cudd and Wise families owned the mill. In 2010, the Wise family purchased most of the Cudd interests and became the majority owners. Several employees also own stock. Haskell Cudd became the General Manager in 1938. He later became the CEO and continued in that position until he retired in 2006 at the age of 98. In those decades, he created the largest and most modern feed mill in Oklahoma, always emphasizing reliable delivery of high-quality feed at the lowest achievable price consistent with high quality ingredients. In this way, the mill has improved the profitability of ranches all over the state. Theses policies have continued to the present and will continue in the future, for profitable ranches are our future too. Home baking began to decline in the 1950’s, so in 1957 flour production was discontinued. The mill concentrated on multiple lines of animal feeds, especially cattle cubes. Grain purchasing and handling, were also a focus, expanding its operations all over Oklahoma and into the adjoining states. Crystal Plunge was the city pool in the 1950’s and 60’s. It was located just South of the feed plant. Stillwater Mill bought the property and it was filled in when the city built a new pool.

Stillwater Milling Company’s first Agri-Center was opened in Stillwater in 1975, followed by similar Agri-Centers in Davis, Claremore and Perry, all located in Oklahoma. These stores are large complexes that offer not only A&M feeds in bags or bulk, but also items like byproduct blends, fertilizer (as well as fertilizer spreading), fencing materials, troughs, livestock equipment, animal health, and gardening seed/supplies, just to name a few. In addition, all our Agri-Centers carry items for the home such as clothing and boots. Our Davis Store even carries Brighton jewelry and purses! These locations are all “More Than Just A Feed Store!”

The first computer automation system was installed at the feed plant in 1985. It allowed feed to be mixed and pelleted by a computer. In 2000, the feed plant was expanded with automation system for the feed plant. It controls pellet mills, mixers and blending systems. A&M Feeds are a combination of proven ingredients that promote growth and health. Each feed we make must be labeled with a guaranteed analysis and we ensure our products meet those guarantees. Our automation system allows us to mix things per the feed formula every time. All ingredients, including medications, are precisely measured and mixed to yield as consistent a product as possible. Stillwater Milling Company makes it a policy to use only high-quality ingredients and no filler products (such as grain dust). This attention to quality is one of the reasons we have been in business for over 125 years.

Mr. Haskell Cudd passed away in December of 2007 at the age of 100. His daughter, Alice Fowler, had been appointed CEO in 2006 at his retirement. She remained CEO until her retirement in 2012. David Fairbanks became CEO when she retired and held the position through 2018. Pam Gill Moore was appointed CEO in 2019. Mr. Cudd taught all of those that have followed him his work ethic and commitment to quality. Many current employees at our feed plant and stores were trained and mentored by Mr. Cudd. His hard work and dedication to producing quality feeds that maximize an animal’s potential are carried on today.

Stillwater Milling Company will always be a place where your business is appreciated. Stillwater Milling Company has always strived to meet the needs of Oklahoma farmers and ranchers. Never becoming complacent is something that was always important to Mr. Cudd and those that have followed him. Our feed plant and branch locations have continually upgraded their facilities. In 2015, our Perry branch added a new Rogator to meet your precision fertilizer application needs. In 2017, the Stillwater Agri-Center moved into a new building facing Highway 51. The old store was converted into warehouse. In 2018, both Davis and Claremore added new bulk bins for more efficient customer loadout. In 2019, the feed plant upgraded their computer automation system and added robotic stacking.

Great place to get feed, goat huts, horse accessories, jeans and more! - Andy H.
They are very knowledgable, will take the time to help you find what you need,and have the best prices on the products they carry. - William M.
Always great service. Love browsing the store and easy pickup of my poultry feed. - Anita B.

AG chemicals, animal health, auto, baling, clothing, farm equipment, fence, grooming, hardware, lawn and garden, livestock equipment, misc. household, pet supplies, seed, tack

For the past 40 years, Stillwater Milling Company Agri-Center has provided farmers, gardeners, and those needing a little help to green their thumb with the resources they need for whatever sizes projects they have in mind – and store manager Alan Schroeder has been there from the very beginning. Whether you’re a casual gardener or regard yourself as a serious horticulturist, Stillwater Milling in Claremore wants to help you achieve your goals.

Stillwater Milling has seeds available beginning in late January, with a greenhouse set up in March to offer a variety of plants. Ultimately, Schroeder said he and his employees welcome questions from the public about gardening, lawn care or any other agricultural need. “We’ve got a lot to offer here – we’ve got a lot of feed, we’re strong in ag fencing, feeders, farm supplies, and we have several people on staff who can answer most questions people might have for us – that’s something that’s getting to be more and more rare, these days,” he said. “As to what might separate us from our competitors, I’m not sure, but I’ve been honest with people throughout the years and people have come to trust me, to trust us, for that.”

Stillwater Milling has seeds available beginning in late January, with a greenhouse set up in March to offer a variety of plants. Although Schroeder said Stillwater Milling doesn’t offer a large assortment seed for pastures, clover and fescue typically are the seeds of choice for those wanting to grow and bail their own hay. Ultimately, Schroeder said he and his employees welcome questions from the public about gardening, lawn care or any other agricultural need.

Stillwater Milling’s inventory includes feeding equipment, livestock panels, chutes and systems, and gates. They also carry stock tanks, round bale feeders and feed bunks. If you’re looking for great-looking work and casual clothing, you’ll find many popular brand names at Stillwater Milling – Wrangler, Carhartt, Key, Cinch, Cruel Girl and Roper. In addition, they carry Red Wing, Georgia, Muck, Rocky and LaCrosse boots. Also available is a large selection of work gloves in multiple sizes. They also offer electric fence chargers and pump sprayers – from small to those large enough to service hundreds of acres.

For more information, contact Schroeder or any of the staff at Stillwater Milling Company. Their hours are from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, or 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays.

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