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Category: Lawn & Agriculture | Issue: July 2019

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Bale Some Hay
Tama Bailing Net
48" x 9,840' $219
48" x 12,500' $269
51" x 11,500' $245
67" x 8,500' $246

Pritchett Bailing Net
48" x 9,840' $187
51" x 9,840' $192
64" x 7,000' $187

Bailing Twine
110 20,000' $19.95
440 4,800' $28.50

Welded Gates - 6 Rail - Unpainted
4' $78.00
10' $118.00
12' $135.00
14' $156.00
16' $170.00

TUFF Bale Trailer Gooseneck
32' - $4,650
36' - $4,750
42' - $5,150

Rake Wheels

About Stillwater Milling Co.

For the past 40 years, Stillwater Milling Company Agri-Center has provided farmers, gardeners, and those needing a little help to green their thumb with the resources they need for whatever sizes projects they have in mind – and store manager Alan Schroeder has been there from the very beginning. Whether you’re a casual gardener or regard yourself as a serious horticulturist, Stillwater Milling in Claremore wants to help you achieve your goals. Stillwater Milling has seeds available beginning in late January, with a greenhouse set up in March to offer a variety of plants. Ultimately, Schroeder said he and his employees welcome questions from the public about gardening, lawn care or any other agricultural need. “We’ve got a lot to offer here – we’ve got a lot of feed, we’re strong in ag fencing, feeders, farm supplies, and we have several people on staff who can answer most questions people might have for us – that’s something that’s getting to be more and more rare, these days,” he said. “As to what might separate us from our competitors, I’m not sure, but I’ve been honest with people throughout the years and people have come to trust me, to trust us, for that.”

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