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Category: Lawn & Agriculture | Issue: November 2020

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About Mother Nature's Pest Control & Lawn Care

Since 1979, Mother Nature’s Pest & Lawn has been fully dedicated to providing the families in their community with the kind of service that makes them customers for life. It’s because they’ve made their relationships with their customers top priority that they’ve grown to become the largest pest control company in Oklahoma. As a family-owned business, the core values on which they’ve built their business are rooted in making their customers feel like a part of their own family. Through timely service, quality treatments, and their 100% satisfaction guarantee, their team fully devotes itself to making your pest control experience as pain-free as possible.

Mother Nature’s Pest & Lawn is a local, family-owned company serving our neighbors in the communities of Tulsa and Oklahoma City. They pride themselves on treating their customers like a part of our their family. From the time you give them a call until they visit your home, you’ll get service with a smile from their friendly staff and technicians. Throughout the entire process, they’ll keep you in the loop, letting you know about the treatments they’re applying and providing their best advice on how to make the most of them.

Mother Nature’s experts are Certified Specialists in the use of the Sentricon System with Always Active Technology, a series of baited traps, strategically placed around the home, to ensure that termites meet their demise. This scientifically designed system is the No. 1 brand in termite protection. The Sentricon system is superior to toxic poisons, in that they are not dangerous to people and pets but only treat the termites that cross its path. The system effectively uses baited capsules buried around the perimeter of a home or business. Any termites in the vicinity will take the bait and deliver it back to the queen and the colony, ultimately killing them all.

Mother Nature’s expertise is available in all areas of pest control in addition to termites, including bedbugs. These nasty critters have been making the news lately as a growing problem for many. It is a myth that they are only found in beds, as they can be found on furniture, carpet and even toys. In addition to pest control services, Mother Nature is also a trusted name for lawn care, providing weed control and fertilizing.

With almost four decades in the industry, they believe in their treatments. That’s why they proudly back their services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. What does that mean? If for any reason your Mother Nature’s experience was less than what you’d hoped for, let them know! They’ll do everything they can to make it right. At Mother Nature’s, they know the secret to happy customers!

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