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Category: Sports & Recreation | Issue: November 2020

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Building Respect, Self-Confidence, & Leadership Skills.
Uniform and 4 weeks of classes only $40. $125 value. coupon. Expires 12/5/2020.

About Martial Arts Academy

At Martial Arts Academy, it is their goal to provide a program where the average family – kids, teens, men and women – can seek martial arts training together. It is their core belief that any student at any physical age or mental maturity can achieve Black Belt Excellence and become a leader with the guidance of their qualified instructors. It is their goal to teach a student, whether age 4 or 40, how to be the type of person who is always prepared to do their absolute best in whatever they set out to accomplish and to become a positive example to those around them. Their instructors and academy leaders serve as visual examples and role models for the students to follow.

Since 2003, Martial Arts Academy of Owasso has been planting the seeds in its students to allow them to grow into respectful, disciplined adults. Chris Velez, martial arts instructor and business owner, said students and adults of all ages come to his academy during the summer to “try it out” for 30 days, and learn of its benefits and in turn, “make room for it” in their busy schedules year-round.

He explained that as his students experience consistent challenges along with ongoing successes, over time, they will naturally gain self-confidence – their own belief in themselves and their ability to succeed. The school’s process with their Black Belt program is to take each person through growth stages using challenges and be promoted from belt to belt until they ultimately achieve Black Belt status. Along with leadership training, martial arts is a great fitness avenue, and an undeniably great way to help both adults and children develop social skills and maintain good fitness. Mr. Velez expressed that their training programs are designed for all fitness levels and ages.

Families are also encouraged to train together, providing you with shared goals, quality time with your family, and an opportunity to meet a great group of friendly people. It’s a pleasurable way to bring your family closer together with an activity that all can enjoy while being surrounded by motivated goal-setters.

The benefits of Martial Arts Academy Training Center in Owasso are endless and become even more apparent as your child grows into adulthood; and for adults - as you start to appreciate life more, you also begin to accomplish more of the goals you only used to dream of in your 20’s. You’ll come across many challenges but you’ll also overcome them eventually – and with the help of their martial arts black belt achievement program, you’ll develop the right mindset to give you that much-needed clarity in many phases of life.

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