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Category: Home Improvement | Issue: November 2020

LCI Concrete November 2020 Value News display ad image Schedule a free estimate and receive $600 off 2 car driveway or larger including removal and replacement - Expires January 31, 2021 - LCI Concrete Printable Coupon. 600 sq.ft. minimum for all jobs. coupon. Expires 1/31/2021.

What is your favorite driveway design?
When your driveway is in need of renovating there are many options to improve its overall good looks and curb appeal, however what's most important it function. Today's vehicles are larger, there are more cars using the driveway, and driveways are play and social zones too. So deciding on the right layout for your homes driveway is important for this long-term investment. There are three popular driveway design choices: Circular driveways, curved radius driveways, and straight driveways. Circular drives help you safely enter oncoming traffic. Curved driveways (also known as radius driveways) offers multiple benefits and is popular for its broad sweeping curves. Straight driveways are simple and functional; they are a standard solution for driveway replacement and enlargement to accommodate larger vehicles.
What you should consider before deciding on a driveway plan:
1. How much parking would you like? Do you want room for two cars to pass? So you need space to turn-around?
2. What is the position of your home's garage? Does it face the street, or is it on the side of your home? Is it detached in the rear of your home?
3. What is the terrain?
4. What look do you want to create? do you want a grand entrance or a simple driveway?
With over 22 years experience, Kalan knows exactly what he is doing. He has been in business with LCI Concrete since 2005. "Concrete is durable, and when the soil and concrete are properly prepared and poured, you can expect it to last at least 30 to 40 years," he says. Concrete is environmentally friendly, and is composed of renewable resources that can be recycled into granular fill or concrete aggregate." He also noted that his company has completed over $1,000,000.00 in driveways over the last 2 years, an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, most of their jobs are completed in 1 day, and are insured for your protection. Additionally, they are polite, on time and clean up after the work is finished. He invites you to view approximately over 100 driveway photos on his website and welcomes you to personally contact previous customers.
Kalan says he has one goal, "To make every customer proud of their new LCI Concrete product that will serve them well for decades to come."

Replace Your Driveway
Schedule a FREE ESTIMATE and receive $600 Off 2 Car Driveway or Larger Including Removal and Replacement. We have over 100 addresses for your viewing and we don't collect any payment until we're done. 600 sq.ft. minimum for all jobs. coupon. Expires 1/31/2021.

About LCI Concrete

LCI Concrete LLC serves the Tulsa Metro area. They specialize in DRIVEWAYS. If your driveway is in need of replacement or you would like some decorative scoring on your driveway give them a call. They have been in business since 2005. Their team has over 30 years of combined experience. Their goal is to make you happy and make your new product look as though they've never been there.

A concrete driveway gives your house's first impression. An old cracked driveway cannot only be unsightly but also dangerous. We use rebar in all of our concrete driveways, sidewalks and even our patios. The right time to consider a driveway replacement can vary, but overall there are three essential attributes to look for.

Aesthetics – the overall look of the driveway for the need of replacement is usually the most significant factor. Oil and other car fluid stains, peeling and cracks cannot only make the driveway look unattractive but can also progressively get worse, creating a hazard.

Functionality – Physical hazards, such as holes or cracks will not only cause damage to a vehicle, but can be dangerous to walk, play or ride a bike on.

Legal – An accident that takes place on your property can be a legal nightmare, and a hazardous driveway from a legal perspective could be a huge liability.

Rest assured that Kalan Paul, Owner of LCI Concrete, has a proven track record of beautiful work with satisfied homeowners. Respected in the community, well-reviewed online and one of the friendliest guys you’ll ever meet, Kalan will set you up with a great-looking driveway in no time. Kalan makes the whole process easy on you from the start. You will meet at your home for a consultation that only takes about 15 minutes. He is punctual and respectful of your time, and he understands that it’s not easy to take a whole afternoon off just to meet for a home improvement estimate. Soon after the consultation, you’ll receive an email with your estimate and all you have to do is give Kalan a call to schedule the start of your project.

LCI can provide expert advice and planning for a new driveway with a quick turn-around time for price quotes. They are A rated with the BBB and Angie’s List, insured and bonded and have completed over 700 new driveways for happy customers in the area. Although a 600 square foot minimum is a requirement for a project, this can also include attached sidewalks, porches and back patios. Special design elements, such as diamond-shaped scoring, can also be incorporated into a new driveway, adding a dramatic and creative new look.

Kalan Paul says he has one goal, “To make every customer proud of their new LCI Concrete product that will serve them well for decades to come.”

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