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Categories: Healthcare, Health & Fitness | Issue: June 2024

Healthy Sleep June 2024 Value News display ad image Take our quiz to see if you are a candidate for our treatment. - Expires August 31, 2024 - Healthy Sleep Printable Coupon.

Always tired? Hate your CPAP? Grind your teeth?

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We file with medical insurance. Our team is comprised of Dr. Lori Hare, Dr. Robin Ross, and Dr. Billie Reeder. Call us today!

About Healthy Sleep

Healthy Sleep specializes in comprehensive airway solutions. Their team of dentists determine exactly what is hampering someone’s ability to breathe and/or sleep, and then treat the problem directly using a personalized solution. These solutions include Oral Appliance Therapy, Combined Therapy, Lip/Tongue-Tie Release, and Myofunctional Therapy. Their goal is to help patients get their lives back by enabling them to do one simple thing—breathe again.

Healthy Sleep works with a variety of insurance companies to help make exceptional sleep affordable. Visit their website for forms, reviews, and information about sleep apnea.

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