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Gleam Guard Wood Refinishing July 2024 Value News display ad image 35% Off
Whole Home Cabinet & Wood Refinishing - Expires August 10, 2024 - Gleam Guard Wood Refinishing Printable Coupon.

Whole Home Cabinet & Wood Refinishing
Refinishing Cabinets & Woodwork for more than 35 years!

Specializing in wood stained & painted interiors
• Cabinetry
• Window Sills
• Baseboards
• Stair Railing
• Doors & Jambs
• Trim

• “Color Match” for Painted Surfaces that are Chipped, Scratched, or Hard to Clean
• Cost up to 70% less than replacing or refacing Your Cabinets and Woodwork
• Kitchen Cabinets Done in 1 to 2 Days
• Non-Toxic and Dust-Free
• Free Demos and Estimates

BBB Accredited Business. A+ Rating!
Tracy Booth, Founder

About Gleam Guard Wood Refinishing

Since 1987, Gleam Guard has been providing home owners with an economical method of restoring beauty to kitchen cabinets and interior woodwork. Their unique process allows them to clean, restore, and protect woodwork without the need for costly stripping and sanding. Their coatings bond with the existing finish and create a powerful seal.

Gleam Guard has restored thousands of kitchens to their former beauty with a finish that lasts for decades. Their process costs up to 70% less than refacing or replacing kitchen cabinets, and is backed by a five year warranty. The Gleam Guard process is mess-free and has no toxic fumes. Plus, when customers choose to refinish rather than replace woodwork, fewer trees are cut, which is beneficial to the environment. With that kind of affordable excellence, it's easy to choose restoration over replacement!

When customers choose Gleam Guard, there is no need to empty cabinets! All finish is hand-applied, saving customers time and trouble. Gleam Guard has convenient scheduling and 90% of projects are completed within 1-2 days. Contact their Tulsa office at 918-231-1375 and love your woodwork again!

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