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Do you love your cabinets and want a green solution to refinish and renew your cabinets and woodwork?
Are your painted cabinets chipped, scratched, or hard to clean? Our service will match your paint and apply a finish for beautiful results!

Gleam Guard has been refinishing cabinets for more than 35 years! We offer a simple, cost-effective solution that is non-toxic and dust-free.
Our process costs up to 70% less than replacing or refacing your cabinets and woodwork.
Got grease or peeling? We can refinish stained and painted surfaces.
Kitchen cabinets are done in 1 to 2 days! Plus, if you have dusty, dirty ceilings, we clean them, too!

Free demos. Free estimates.
BBB Accredited Business. A+ Rating!
Tracy Booth, Founder

About Gleam Guard Wood Refinishing

Restore the original beauty to your cabinets with Gleam Guard. Gleam Guard has been renewing kitchen and bathroom cabinets for over 30 years, with stunning results. See how you could benefit from a fresh update of your living space by getting in touch with one of our experts today.

Gleam Guard is an economical process that restores lasting beauty to your kitchen cabinets and interior woodwork. Since 1987, Gleam Guard continues to provide quality craftsmanship and excellent service in the wood refinishing industry.

Is it time to spice up your kitchen? If your cabinets are looking dull and worn, Gleam Guard cabinet refinishing can help to return their former beauty. Our technicians will bring back the cabinets you love quickly, and at a fraction of the cost of a new kitchen.

Aging cabinets lack their original lustre and can be faded from many years of use. Usually they would have to be sanded down or just replaced completely. Gleam Guard changes that! We can refinish your cabinets without the dusty, time-intensive mess.

Cabinet refinishing, refurbishing, renewing, repairing – whatever you want to call it we will get it done! With spectacular results!

And even better news: the only prep you’ll need to do is clearing off your countertops!

Why Refinish? • Choosing qualified cabinet refinishing professionals means you’ll get your kitchen back to the way you want it, without the cost of new cabinets – as little as $2,000 instead of $20,000 to $30,000, for example.

• There’s no lengthy planning, demolition and construction period. Our trained cabinet refinishing professionals will have your cabinets looking great and ready to go within one to two days.

• All interior millwork can be refinished, so think beyond the kitchen to your built-in bookshelves, doors, windowsills, furniture and more.

• The dust-free process starts with your Gleam Guard professional prepping the surface with a vigorous clean, then matching and applying the new finish. A wood floor finish provides a long-wearing result, protecting your cabinets from hazards such as water damage, grease and dust.

• You don’t need to remove old cabinets or replace door and drawer fronts – in fact, you don’t even need to empty your cupboards and drawers! Our average prep time for customers is 10 minutes, and if you don’t have much to clear off your countertops, it’s even less!

• If your cabinets are painted, we can paint your cabinets to the color you desire.

"Great service! The stain on our 15 year old lower cabinets was worn in places, especially around the sink and floor. In one afternoon, they refreshed them to looking as new and touched up several other spots - matched perfectly! So glad I chose these guys - so much cheaper than total refinish." - Ted J.
"WOW! After having our countertops & backsplash replaced we decided to have all our kitchen cabinets deep cleaned. Jason showed up promptly on time. Our white cabinets were so dirty. Jason quickly gave us a quote for the entire job that was very reasonable. After he cleaned the cabinet doors and drawers fronts and backs, he then touched up spots with white paint that matched perfectly. Later after the paint dried he put a couple of layers of a shiny clear-coat on everything that had been deep cleaned and painted. I was truly amazed @ how the cabinets all looked brand new. Jason was such a professional and was a very qualified representative from Gleam Guard. My wife was extremely happy when she got home from work! We will definitely use your company again!" Len Lovel
"James and Morgan did a good job. Our cabinets were from 1980. James really worked extra hard to fix some water damage on one of the facings and cabinet door under the sink. They even blended the hall entry way wood to match the kitchen. I know it will look like a brand new kitchen after we put in new counter tops and sink. They were on a tight schedule too! They completed it in 2 days." Terry McAuliff

Cabinet Refinishing and Cabinet Painting in Tulsa, OK

In 1987 their company was founded by Tracy Booth, who came from a background in the cleaning industry. Many of his clients would ask him: "Why can't I clean my cabinets? No matter how hard I clean them, my cabinets just get worse!" The problem wasn't that they weren't cleaning them properly - the root of the problem was the weakness of the finish itself!

After years of research and testing, he invented a process to clean, restore and protect kitchen cabinetry - all without going through the extremely difficult and expensive process of stripping down and sanding off the old varnish. Gleam Guard's coatings bond to the existing finish, creating a seal that will strengthen and protect your cabinets.

The first thing they do is vigorously clean your cabinets to remove years of built-up grease, dust, and stains. Damage is then repaired with a matching stain or paint to make your woodwork look like new. Finally, the Gleam Guard seal is applied, which protects your kitchen cabinets from hazards such as water damage, grease, and dust, making it easier to clean and maintain.

Benefits of using Gleam Guard: • Costs 70% less than refacing or replacing • Dustless. Sandless. No toxic fumes! • No need to empty your Kitchen Cabinets • Convenient Scheduling - 95% of projects are completed within 2 days! • Easy to clean and maintain • Lasting results and durability - Customers have reported beautiful results lasting over 20 years • 5 year, one-time free touch up

They've restored thousands of kitchens to their former beauty, and customers have reported results lasting for decades. Now it's finally affordable to restore your kitchen cabinets instead of replacing them!

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