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What is Gleam Guard Cabinet Refinishing?
Is your space all you wish it could be? Gleam Guard Dustfree Wood Refinishing is in the business of making dream kitchens come true. Owner and Founder, Tracy Booth, has been in the business for over 30 years and gives his customers the kitchen they've always Gleamed of. "I love to show people how they can save money and still have beautiful wood finishes that almost look new," he said. "Many people believe that all wood refinishing is messy and that remodelers always take longer. Gleam Guard is completely different."
Gleam Guard's technique employs professional craftsmen to refinish cabinets with greater benefits compared to complete kitchen remodeling. Their process accomplishes refinished woodwork without much sanding and toxic fumes and can be done with a day or two, with minimal dust. Cabinets will not need to be emptied to complete the work, saving even more time. "All you need to do is open the door and let us in to work in your kitchen," Said Tracy. "In other words, no prep is needed, such as removing hardware, covering furniture or anything else - we take care of all of it."
The breakthrough technology they use restores lasting beauty to cabinets and other interior woodwork. The application bonds to the original finish, enhancing the wood grain and giving it a fresh-oiled look, however, unlike oiled methods, the results will last for decades. "Sometimes people think I am going to make everything look shiny," Tracy said, "but there are actually three sheens to choose from - satin, semi-gloss and high-gloss." The woodwork can have a soft look, a strong impact look, or somewhere in between. This process works not only on traditional wood surfaces but on painted, glased and pickled woods as well. Gleam Guard can be used on new or old cabinets, and keeping the new finishes as easy as wiping with a damp cloth. A bit of vinegar is all you need for stubborn spots.
Project completion time is a top priority for Tracy and Gleam Guard craftsmen. Each project is worked on one at a time, to ensure quality and reliability. Honesty and integrity are at the base of all of the work with Tracy and his crew of professionals. Their reputation proceeds them, with an earned A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, as well as awards for Outstanding Customer Service.
Each job comes with a five-year guarantee that includes on free touchup service within five years of project completion, as necessary. In-home demonstrations can be scheduled to see how peels, flakes, scratches and minor nicks can disappear. Cabinet Refinishing
The Original Gleam Guard - Dust Free Wood Refinishing
Up to 70% less than replacing or refacing.
We specialize in protecting your investment.
We also refresh cabinets 5 to 15 years old. Costs less then refinishing.
• No toxic chemicals
• No dust!

Don't work with an imposter!
There's only one Gleam Guard!
Talk to Tracy, the inventor of the Gleam Guard process!

Celebrating 32 years refinishing cabinets.

About Gleam Guard Wood Refinishing

In 1987 their company was founded by Tracy Booth, who came from a background in the cleaning industry. Many of his clients would ask him: "Why can't I clean my cabinets? No matter how hard I clean them, my cabinets just get worse!" The problem wasn't that they weren't cleaning them properly - the root of the problem was the weakness of the finish itself!

After years of research and testing, he invented a process to clean, restore and protect kitchen cabinetry - all without going through the extremely difficult and expensive process of stripping down and sanding off the old varnish. Gleam Guard's coatings bond to the existing finish, creating a seal that will strengthen and protect your cabinets.

The first thing they do is vigorously clean your cabinets to remove years of built-up grease, dust, and stains. Damage is then repaired with a matching stain or paint to make your woodwork look like new. Finally, the Gleam Guard seal is applied, which protects your kitchen cabinets from hazards such as water damage, grease, and dust, making it easier to clean and maintain.

Benefits of using Gleam Guard: • Costs 70% less than refacing or replacing • Dustless. Sandless. No toxic fumes! • No need to empty your Kitchen Cabinets • Convenient Scheduling - 95% of projects are completed within 2 days! • Easy to clean and maintain • Lasting results and durability - Customers have reported beautiful results lasting over 20 years • 5 year, one-time free touch up

They've restored thousands of kitchens to their former beauty, and customers have reported results lasting for decades. Now it's finally affordable to restore your kitchen cabinets instead of replacing them!

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