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Category: Financial | Issue: November 2020

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About AVB Bank

AVB was founded in 1905 by investor and land owner, G.A. Brown...two years before Oklahoma statehood! The Bank's original 1905 location, at the corner of Main and Dallas in downtown Broken Arrow, is now the corporate headquarters and one of AVB's four branches. Through the continued leadership and involvement of the Brown-Kimbrough family (now in its fourth generation of active management), the contributions of former presidents K.M. Rowe and Virginia Johnson, and the current management team led by Chairman Kelley Kimbrough-Rash, AVB has grown to over $260M in assets.

AVB is committed to helping their clients turn their aspirations and financial dreams into realities. Their dedication is firmly rooted in their goal to provide high-quality, comprehensive financial services in an atmosphere that allows them to get to know you better–your family, your business, your financial goals and your investment needs.

Through their relationship with LPL Financial, their clients have access to a wide array of financial and wealth management strategies, including services such as professional money management, retirement and education planning, and investment products including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities and insurance products. LPL Financial is a leading provider of investment and insurance programs to financial institutions across the country, and is a registered broker/dealer and a FINRA member firm.

AVB takes its role in the community very seriously. Community service has been a part of their culture for over 100 years. They donate tens of thousands of dollars each year to several local charitable organizations and this year our employees contributed numerous hours of volunteer time serving in various capacities with a variety of organizations in Broken Arrow and Tulsa. Economic Development, Education and the Arts are three of the main focuses of their charitable giving.

With a strong commitment to community service, sound lending practices, and providing quality products and services, AVB continues to grow and is looking forward to the next century of being the community bank of choice in Broken Arrow and Tulsa.

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