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Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: January 2020

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Find your way to wellness with our world class Concentrates, Topicals, Flower, Edibles.
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1414 E. 3rd St. Tulsa
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About Wellness Pharm, The

The Wellness Pharm, located at 1414 E. Third Street, is distinctive in many ways and is firmly rooted in the community it serves. They are located in The Pearl District, just a few doors down from the Church Studio, made famous by the late musician and songwriter, Leon Russell. The Pearl is the area’s newest, hottest local revitalization, and there are many new restaurants, shops, and galleries neighboring The Wellness Pharm’s storefront. Owned and operated by established Tulsans from a wide range of industries—including restaurant entrepreneurs, veterans, legal and manufacturing professionals—The Wellness Pharm has created a state-of-the-art foundation for growing and managing Cannabis.

All staff at The Pharm are extensively trained, and research oriented. Scientific research has proven that cannabinoids, or the active constituents of cannabis, are beneficial as a remedy for pain and inflammation, as well as a host of other chronic issues that afflict many people, but without the side effects that are common with prescription medications.

Unique to The Wellness Pharm, is their own grow operation, which enables them to manage every facet of their product, ensuring the highest quality at competitive prices. They grow 80% of the flower they offer. The Wellness Pharm prides themselves on a completely organic product, with no pesticides or outside chemicals. Their own flower is used for extraction in their products, whether it be vapors, ghee (clarified butter for baking), tincture (refined extracts, concentrated), or topicals. From seedling to packaging, they closely monitor all aspects of their plant growth and are fully knowledgeable on the products they sell in their store.

The Wellness Pharm also carries a line of CBD products, edibles and bath products. There’s something here for everyone, and it can help improve your life.

For added safety and security for their customers, a state-of-the-art access control system and video surveillance are utilized. The staff at The Wellness Pharm understands that confidentiality may be a concern, and are mindful of their client’s privacy requirements. They offer a professionalism that is exceptional in the industry. More information, as well as complete product menu available in-store, can be found on their website at

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For more information, contact:

Wellness Pharm, The

(918) 551-6645
1414 E. 3rd St., Studio Row
Tulsa, OK