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Categories: Advertising, Business Services | Issue: October 2021

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Why is STORYTELLING important to your business?
1. Stories create purpose and drive action.
Stories give the audience purpose and a motive to take action. Storytelling conveys purpose, and businesses with purpose are noticed and win the loyalty of consumers.

2. Using storytelling in your business is the single greatest tool you have to win over others. A well-told story can move people to take action or even further your career. With one story, your audience can tell what you value, the customs you engage in, and how knowledgeable you are on a subject.

3. Nothing inspires like a story. People have been captivated by stories since the beginning of time, so it makes sense that brands have started to use storytelling in their marketing efforts with great success. Every company has a story to tell, and if your business can’t properly convey its story, your products likely won’t have as much appeal to your audience.

4. The art of storytelling in business can help forge the identity of your company, create brand awareness, and help people understand it as more than just a seller of products and services, but as a personal adventure that other people can relate to.


Business Development
Competitive Advantage
Maintains Attention and Increases Understanding
Marketing and Advertising
Decision Making
Transfer Values and Beliefs on to Your Audience
Emotionally Connect People and Create Loyalty

Let us give you the guidance in creating your engaging company story.
Helping you quickly and succinctly build your company’s story is what we do.
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Values With VALUES
VALUES Magazine and connect you with your customers on a personal level…in their homes. Unless you plan to take up door-to-door sales, you’re not going to get any closer to your prospects than direct mail. Your message walks right into their home, sits down at their dining room table and showcases your products and professional services with expertise only we can deliver. Reaching customers in their homes is smart, simple and effective.

We reach 34-64 years old and up age groups and include $100,000 plus household incomes…we also offer exceptional rural distribution.

VALUES News Magazine and help businesses reach the neighborhoods most likely to generate leads for your company. It is a one-stop, cost-effective approach that enables you to target an audience in Oklahoma: Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Owasso, Collinsville, Bixby, Jenks, Sapulpa, Claremore, Catoosa, Inola, and Chelsea.

Prices as low as one cent per household! Business is tough and that’s why we have built our business on keeping prices low and returns high. We implement our 1-2-3 strategy for successful advertising.

Advertising choices are numerous and can be overwhelming, more importantly, they should integrate together to achieve maximum results. Our team will help create the right strategy to fit your budget and complement your existing marketing program.

TIME The combination of our high impact advertising designs, P.R. articles, digital presentations, and search engine optimization works hand-in-hand to bring your business quick branding and R.O.I.

In addition to our direct mail marketing magazine, we also provide mobile-friendly digital products that reach consumers anywhere, anytime. We successfully build your responsive landing page optimized for search engines with SEO and are recognized by multiple search engines under various keywords and categories.

More consumers trust the information they receive in their mailboxes. Value News’ trademarks are honesty, honor, integrity, quality, and teamwork. Our clients are our marketing partners. Our goal is to generate quality leads, bring buyers rather than browsers, and to increase your company’s dominance, vision, and influence in your community. Your business will be a household name in a few short months using VALUES Magazine and!

It is our outstanding product presentation that makes advertising with us both effective and affordable for businesses of all sizes. VALUES News Magazine and digital and marketing mail work for most types of businesses, including auto service & sales, institutions, events, restaurants, retail, medical, dental, home improvement, and professional services.

We close two to three really great jobs following an ad...I know it works for us. - Tony, Tile by Tony
Having VALUES and as a part of our advertising portfolio enables us to grow and maintain consistency with our business. It has more than paid for itself, year after year. We've had good results and expect them to continue. - Kalan, LCI Concrete
It has provided us outstanding exposure. New customers come from a distance to shop our store in Bixby. It has brought us new customers and also helps us retain established customers. - Kelly, Twisted Soul Sisters

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We tell your story.

Your story is where we begin. Storytelling is one thing that has been and continues to be vital to selling. Storytelling humanizes your company, your products and your services. It is a common thread in advertising, marketing, branding and especially in building trust and credibility. Telling your story gives your brand a voice with influential impact. Personalizing your brand is important to increase affirmatives from first-touch buyers.

Did you know storytelling is backed by science? While data only activates 2 regions in the brain, storytelling activates 7 regions. This is exactly why stories are so powerful. From movement to language processing to detailed descriptions, stories create the “next step” to learn more and make an honest buying decision. Producing an engaging real-life scenario about how your products and services will make someone’s life easier and improved is one of three main parts of our advertising and marketing program.

Be found on the first page of Google.

There is so much more than building an attractive website or landing page to becoming ranked organically on the first page of search engines like Google. It is a combination of online brand longevity, positive activity, among dozens of other factors. Rapidly changing algorithms and what the search engines are looking for today may be old news tomorrow. You can bid for key word advertising and pay for first page representation; however that tactic can become outrageously expensive if your company, product or service is an extremely competitive brand.

Our dynamic search engine optimized landing pages have a consistently proven track record in helping our clients to rank on the first page of Google. Our small business clients who operate on limited budgets depend on the top organic rankings we provide.

Build action.

We use market-tested strategies and tools for breakthrough sales performance. Our strategy driven full-service multi-media products cover digital buying and direct mail services, all aspects of online advertising, graphic design and copy writing, video and photography, Values News Magazine online and delivered to mailboxes and drop locations throughout Northeastern Oklahoma, email, banner and tile advertising, leading content and native marketing, social media services, etc. Our VNM program will personalize your marketing message, drive more people to your store or website, and result in more new customers.

About us.

Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, VALUES, Inc. Media Services has built an exceptional reputation for bringing new customers to local business for over 29 years. Founder, Mary Bransford says her staff takes great pride on the number of “customers for life” they have here. Businesses from all stages of growth rely on Values Media Services for their marketing and advertising needs. It all begins when we get to know your needs and goals, and help fulfill them.

Specifically, we play a key role in our communities in improving personal lifestyles, competitiveness in the business environment, and to build stronger brand availability to those we serve. Our repertoire of services continues to grow and evolve along with the ever-changing media landscape. We support dozens of local charities, non-profits, churches and other helpful organizations by building community awareness and promoting their fund-raising efforts.

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