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Category: Insurance | Issue: January 2022

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Small business owners, self-employed, families, individuals

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ushealth advisors a united healthcare company Insurance underwritten by freedom life insurance company of America, national foundation life insurance company, or enterprise life insurance company. All products not available in all states. Exclusions and limitations apply. Please see a licensed agent for details.

About USHealth Advisors

When it comes to health coverage, the USHEALTH Group family of companies understands that every customer has different needs. They believe in choice, and their customers truly value the array of options they provide because you can choose the protection that is most appropriate for you. To that end, they have developed a broad portfolio of coverages that promote customer choice. Their innovative product designs make the USHEALTH Group uniquely qualified to address each customer’s need for flexibility and reliability in their coverage selections.

For those of you who are either on a limited budget or are concerned about having to satisfy a high annual deductible before you receive any benefits from your health coverage plan, the company offers a portfolio of products which provide first-dollar benefits for covered services and substantial network discounts across a broad spectrum of providers. These plans are typically more affordable than more comprehensive plans, while still providing the first dollar protection and assurances that a limited protection plan offers.

Becky Brown is a Field Sales Leader for USHEALTH Group. She is licensed in 12 different states and offices in Tulsa; and specializes in innovative life and health coverage solutions for self-employed individuals, families, small business owners and their employees. Becky and her expert team of advisors underwrite healthcare coverage through company subsidiaries, Freedom Life Insurance Company of America and National Foundation Life Insurance Company.

As you grow older or conditions change, USHEALTH Group will assist you in choosing optional supplemental coverage to enhance your overall protection in areas including, for example, Health & Wellness*, Critical Illness*, Accident*, Dental*, Accident Disability Income*, Life Insurance*, Specified Disease/Sickness*, Short Term Accident Disability Income*, Income Protector*, and Vision Insurance*.

Becky’s confidence is in knowing that her organization is different and that her team is innovative, experienced, dependable, dedicated and convenient to residents in the greater Tulsa area. When you call for information, you’ll be talking person-to-person rather than to a machine. Call today to arrange for your personal consultation. In a marketplace characterized by high customer turnover and low customer loyalty, USHEALTH Group differentiates themselves by creating long-term relationships with their customers, making a trusted ally that consistently delivers on its promise of dependability.

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