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Categories: Home Improvement, Maintenance & Repair | Issue: June 2023

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You, Friends & Family Savings Event
15% off plus $1000*

Avoid potential roof damage and inferior installation of your home's solar infrastructure or new roof.
For over 10 years, we have been installing roofs using the best available products, technicians, and crews. Hiring our experienced team assures your job will be done right. Whether you need a new everlasting roof or want to learn more about achieving energy independence with solar energy products, we can help. We have all the applications to give you what you need.
*Roofing and/or Solar Energy Products purchase and installation. Some details and restrictions apply. Ask your Outdoor Creation Roofing & Solar representative for details.

Our Services
• Solar Installation & Service
• Roof Replacements & Repairs
• Tesla Powerwall & Enphase Batteries
• Home Generators

We put the power back in your pocket with affordable solar energy, so you can save money immediately off of your electric bill and have energy for your home during emergency situations.

Solar Benefits:
• Start with $0 down
• 30% federal tax credit
• Environmentally friendly
• Increase your home value

We are making a difference! We donate a portion of each job we do to feeding orphans in Pakistan through House of Jacob Ministries. Going solar saves more than just the planet!

Call us today for your quick estimate. Our short assessment will save you time and money and assure you have all your questions answered.

About Outdoor Creations Roofing and Solar

Generate your own clean energy with solar, identical energy with lower utility bills. Reinvent your home by transforming your traditional roof into a new solar paneled roof. Outdoor Creations Roofing and Solar co-owners Christian Nicks, Fred Chain, and Jake Nicks, a Broken Arrow, Oklahoma company, offers a full range of roofing and solar infrastructure products for homes and businesses. They are one of Oklahoma's first roofing companies to offer solar installation for those who want to generate their own clean energy. Proper solar panel installation should be installed by a certified roofing company to avoid potential roof damage during installation. Additionally, they offer batteries and other self-generating energy options to ensure your home is ready during a power-outage. Cost estimates are based on your home's KWh (killowatt hours) usage. Christian or Fred can give you a free estimate by phone or in person within 15 minutes using your last 12-months KWh usage. They offer both full and partial home solar choices; either choice will save you money and qualify for a 2023 tax credit. Once permits are acquired, installation of your solar panels will take approximately 1 to 3 days. After installation, both the electric company and City will complete their inspections. Roofs take 1 to 2 days once materials are on the jobsite. They offer Euroshield extra-durable and long-lasting sustainable roofing products, and sell generators and batteries to support your energy independence needs. Other roofing products include: shingle, slate roofing and wood roofing. If you have experienced storm damage, they have strong working relationships with dozens of insurance companies and make the claim process easy.

Additionally, Outdoor Creations Roofing and Solar are experienced in recognizing problems with drainage systems and siding installations. They offer a wide array of choices of siding, soffit, fascia, and gutters. Their skilled technicians and installers can provide knowledgeable advice for updating the existing siding of any home or business.

Interested in having energy for your home during an emergency? Outdoor Creations Roofing and Solar invites you to learn the long-term benefits of solar energy and join their many satisfied customers who are enjoying sustainable and reliable energy for their homes. They are experienced in solar installation and service and offer free estimates.

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For more information, contact:

Christian Nicks, Fred Chain, Jake Nicks

(918) 404-5996
1924 W. Albany St. | Broken Arrow, OK 74012

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