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Disinfecting Day Care and Children's Centers
You can't see them but they are there and when they are there sickness will spread. High traffic areas and surfaces are very often loaded with bacteria, mold, viruses and other organisms that aren't good for us to come in contact with. No space is immune to the problem they cause...that includes your home, business, public transportation, gyms, and hotels. While regular cleaning is performed, there are still many areas that are missed and re-contaminated by dirty mops, sponges and inadequate cleaning supplies. It's a big problem if someone becomes infected and it results in not just illness, but also lost work time, doctor visits and possible hospitalization. Businesses can suffer also due to losses in productivity, scheduling, and increases in employee healthcare costs.
The latest in protection and protection and prevention is available from Midwest Pathogend Services, serving Northeast Oklahoma and the surrounding areas. They provide a service using procedures, and technology designed for hospitals, and surgery centers using: Hydrogen Peroxide Micron-Fogging. It is a scientifically proven treatment to bio-decontaminate your space and kill nasty germs and pathogens like spores, viruses, bacteria, mold and fungi including Cdiff, Norovirus, TB, Legionella, Salmonella, Staph, Influenza, Measles, Chickenpox and more in every corner, crevice, nook and cranny. It is used as a last step evaporating fog that reaches virtually every surface in your space without wetting things down. It is safe for electronics, and other highly sensitive materials and surfaces. You get maximum coverage for over 99% of areas that normally get missed or cross-contaminated; you also get a kill rate of 99.9999% for all organisms listed previously, and more. Plus the disinfected room air smells fresher, too. It is EPA registered Sporocidal Disinfectant and they use CDC (Center for Disease Control) protocols.
You can stop and prevent outbreaks in your home, school, medical or dental facility, church, or business. Midwest pathogend Services will prove it with their procedure commonly used in hospitals, schools and hotels. Since we are fighting something we can't see - they will come to your space and test using validation methods to provide proof of germ presence before treatment, and the reduction of germ counts after treatment.
Their procedure works like this:


Identify home or facility needs with onsite swab testing and analysis. Results are available in minutes, not days.


Disinfection surface wipe down, Hydrogen Peroxide Micron Fogging*, and extended protection application. No germ is left behind on 100% of surfaces, air, and missed places – hospital grade disinfection.


Provide you with swab testing and results, environmental recommendations, and routine facility enhancement. Your tailored plan is designed to avoid excessive time and unnecessary costs.

Isn’t it time you protect your family or facility from harmful germs? Know for certain your space is clean, sanitized, and clear of terrible sickness causing bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi and odors.

You can get started today and stop outbreaks with environmentally friendly WHOLE SPACE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE MICRON-FOGGING.

About Midwest Pathogend

HOSPITAL GRADE HIGH LEVEL KILL WHOLE SPACE DISINFECTION, SANITIZE, CLEANING AND DECONTAMINATION SERVICES for commercial, industrial and residential buildings in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Owasso, Collinsville, Skiatook, Claremore, Catoosa, Inola, Oologah, Bartlesville, Chouteau, Pryor, Inola, Bixby, Jenks, Sapulpa, Glenpool, Muskogee, Berryhill, Sand Springs and throughout Oklahoma.
We take pride in having the most effective decontamination technology and strive to eliminate pathogens in the following industries: Animal Sciences, Athletic Centers, Businesses and Office Spaces, Education, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Transportation.
We offer structured training and consulting on the best tools and methods to use for your facilities. Schedule a consultation today to receive expert advice backed by years of experience, continuing education, and certifications.Fighting an outbreak or preventing your facility from becoming a breeding ground for pathogens takes training, experience, and the right equipment. With multiple years of experience in national and high-level bio-decontamination, our services use the most effective tools to provide you the most comprehensive decontamination possible to leave no pathogen left behind. Specializing in corporate and industrial health and safety. We offer structured training and consulting on the best tools and methods to use for your facilities. Schedule a consultation today to receive expert advice backed by years of experience, continuing education, and certifications. Midwest Pathogend Services is a certified provider of Pathogend® serving the Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, and other surrounding areas. We offer whole-space disinfection services and decontamination products utilizing the latest in advanced technologies and processes. Midwest Pathogend Services uses a combination of techniques to disinfect spaces, including manual wiping surfaces with a high-grade sporicidal disinfectant and fogging rooms with a patented pulsed hydrogen peroxide dry fog system. The patented pulsed bio-decontamination system is odorless, leaves no residue, and can safely provide whole-space decontamination for hospitals, hotels, life sciences, government agencies, military, schools, transportation, athletic facilities, childcare facilities, offices, homes and more.
We own and operate the largest CURIS® System fleet in the country. Midwest Pathogend Services can also help with purchase of equipment and implementation of protocols and processes.
Disinfect | Validate | Verify | Report
Pathogend® uses a combination of techniques to disinfect spaces, including manually wiping surfaces with a high-grade disinfectant and fogging rooms with a hydrogen peroxide fog. The fog is odorless, leaves no residue, and can safely provide whole-room decontamination for Animal Science, Healthcare, Hospitality, Military, Government Agencies, Schools, Transportation, and more.
I recently called on Chuck and his team to help me solve a terrible mold issue. I just cannot say enough about the wonderful job they did. I am so happy and can now get back to having a normal life in my home. Thank you so much. I truly recommend them if you ever have a need. - Cindy W.
Animal Sciences
Bakeries, egg hatcheries, food processing manufacturers, and more have common pathogen contamination issues and challenges. We have the science and processes to help implement biosecurity measures in your facility. From our Dry Fog application to implementing our unique patented pulsed technology and more, we are becoming a leader in whole space disinfection methods to help your facility prevent and get back into production more effectively and efficiently.
As resistant germs make their way into our communities, they are catching a ride. Germs are finding a new breeding ground in transportation vehicles. Dangerous pathogens on buses, aircraft, and other transportation methods are frequently making news headlines. Unfortunately, as bad news goes viral, unwanted publicity and lawsuits can follow closely behind. In addition to killing germs, our disinfecting process eliminates odor-causing bacteria and biological oils, such as cigarette smoke, mold, etc. EPA-validated safe and effective system to disinfect without leaving behind harmful residues.
Education / Athletics
School systems across the nation are implementing our disinfection technology platform as part of their proactive, outbreak control, and reactive protocols.
The ability for our system and services to completely engulf a space with Hybrid Hydrogen Peroxide™ reaching every exposed surface air touches is prompting school systems to turn to CURIS® again and again after other systems fail them. CURIS® makes it possible to thoroughly and easily treat athletic facilities, classrooms, school buses, auditorium’s and cafeterias with one versatile device.
With close contact and high touchpoint surfaces, like desks or athletic equipment, disinfection using traditional methods can be hard to achieve or can even contribute to the spread of illness. Missing critical germ reservoirs, not leaving the disinfectant on the surface long enough to kill the germs, or worse, using the same rag over and over to spread pathogens from one spot to another are common problems schools face when disinfecting their facilities.
Preventing Transmission and Cross Contamination
Routine disinfection can help prevent transmission and cross-contamination of dangerous germs such as Flu, MRSA, COVID-19, Norovirus, and much more.
While desktops and hard flooring receive most cleaning attention, germs are found in much harder to clean surfaces such as door handles, undersides/edges of tables and chairs (yes, students touch these – just consider how many wads of gum are found there), walls, bathrooms, locker rooms, and gym equipment. CURIS® is a game-changer by providing achievable, measurable high-level disinfection —killing 99.9999% of dangerous germs* with patented Pulse™ technology.
Protect Your Reputation with Outbreak Control
Schools and athletic programs are trusted to provide a space safe from deadly germs like Coronavirus. As a facility director or athletic director, it is difficult to choose products that are approved for use and versatile in application. CURIS offers both. Eliminating human error in disinfection CURIS® is ideal for education since unlike other disinfectant solutions it will never bleach materials, corrode computers or build up sticky messy residues.
Having a strong outbreak control and prevention plan, as well as proving their disinfection efforts, is essential to managing those challenges. Thanks to CURIS System Data Management (CSDM), you can have proof of a proactive protocol in place.
Midwest Pathogend Services is a certified provider of the Pathogend® Services network, offering whole-space disinfection services and decontamination products tailored to meet the most stringent needs of their clients through a combination of techniques to disinfect spaces, from manually wiping surfaces with a high-grade disinfectant and fogging rooms with a proprietary hydrogen peroxide fog.
Our system is used in emergency, transportation, and military vehicles across the country to disinfect equipment and vehicle interiors with a pulsed mist of disinfectant called CURoxide [EPA Reg 93324-1].
First Responders can decontaminate vehicles without the need to return to central operations or fire stations. The rescue vehicle can return to service faster and respond to multiple calls between stops before returning to fire station or emergency response central operations. Our new CURIS 3™ Multi-Function System was designed with First Responders in MIND!
Fire Houses are discovering the versatility and efficacy of our CURIS® Decontamination System paired with CURoxide™.
Bunk Rooms | Vehicles | Equipment
Our system is safe to use on high end electronics and other sensitive equipment. We can set-up routine decontamination and disinfection services for your facility or provide training on use of our CURIS® equipment. Government grants are even available for purchase and training of our device.
Whether experiencing a gap in EVS staff, dealing with persistent pathogen recurrence, or lacking the proper expensive high level disinfection equipment, Midwest Pathogend Services has you covered. We are extensively trained in terminal cleans, CRA, ACA, and CDC protocols. We carry EPA and FDA approved products and equipment so you don’t have the financial burden of capital outlay. And we combine ATP/Biological Indicators, and chemical indicators to validate each treatment. We own and operate the largest CURIS® System fleet in the country. Midwest Pathogend Services can also help with purchase of equipment and implementation of protocols and processes.
How would hotels & resorts utilize CURIS® technology?
Currently our technology is used by major hotels and resorts to treat guest rooms in between guests to ensure germs are not something passed from guest to guest or staff. In addition, the hotels regularly treat their athletic facilities, locker rooms, spa areas, and restaurants in addition to their staff break rooms to minimize the risk of viruses, bacteria, or other potential pathogens. They also use this upon suspected cases in offices, conference rooms, meeting rooms, and other communal areas. Once the treatment is completed, decals and in room marketing pieces are left behind to educate guests and reassure them of the extraordinary efforts made on their behalf. Contact us today to learn more about current case studies being performed in the hotel and resort industry with our proprietary process and technology!

Athletic Centers
Even the best spray and wipe regimen can’t stand up to the rigors of odor-causing bacteria, germ-ridden sweat, and nasty fungi. Soft surfaces and nooks and crannies are just too hard for standard cleaning techniques to reach and don’t stay saturated long enough to eliminate all harmful pathogens. We will create a tailored plan to keep your gym, locker room, wrestling room, or other high risk area safe from harmful pathogens. We offer: One-Time Decontamination, Outbreak Response, and On-Going Maintenance. We will provide you with test results validating all pathogens are killed so you and your clients can have peace of mind.

Midwest Pathogend – so named as their goal is to “end the path to infection” – servicing greater Northeast Oklahoma and surrounding areas.

“In addition to the decontamination service, one thing we do a lot of right now – especially since we’re still relatively new, as far as companies go, is to educate the public about who we are, what it is we do, and why what we do is so important,” he said. “One misconception people tend to have about us in the beginning, is that we’re a cleaning company or a janitorial company, but that’s not us – we’re a multi-faceted high-end decontamination service.”

Partnering with veteran GRDA employee, Chuck Peeples, the pair set about connecting with the public and potential customers, quickly becoming the decontamination service professionals for Inola Public Schools, partnering with large Oklahoma businesses, and others.

Midwest Pathogend Services utilizes multiple methods to bring about the best outcome in disinfecting and decontamination, beginning with the CURIS Decontamination System foggers.

“The CURIS foggers are a portable fogging system capable of disinfecting a room or enclosed area via a pulse technology,” Schultheis said. “While other systems rely on dispensing chemicals and turning off once the desired time is achieved, or depend on manual spraying, this system goes a step further by focusing on a ‘maintained pathogen-kill zone.’ The process maintains that volume of solution within a space to improve optimal environmental conditions.”

Additionally, the CURIS system employed by Midwest was designed to reduce human error, allowing Schultheis or Peeples to monitor, manage, track, and report the decontamination process.

“The system uses .08 ounces (of solution) per cubic feet of space being decontaminated and calculates how much time will be needed to fill every inch of that room with the solution,” Peeples said. “This is important because a common misconception to disinfecting is that you wipe a surface, say, with a disinfectant, and wipe it off, but some of the harder to kill germs or viruses require you to leave a disinfectant on a surface for up to 10-20 minutes, and our process fills every cubic inch of a space for the time needed to kill germs, bacteria, etc.

Midwest’s highly-effective CURoxide solution may be sprayed directly onto surfaces or used in a fog to saturate an area. The fog itself is non-corrosive, odorless, leaves no residue, and can safely provide full-room decontamination for offices, schools, gymnasiums, nursing homes, hotels, homes, or other spaces.

As varied as pathogens are, Schultheis said that the decontamination services he provides for what the medical industry calls a 6 log kill or 99.9999% on bacteria, viruses, fungi or other pathogen in a room or space.

“One of the biggest and hardest to kill pathogens is C. diff or Clostridium difficile – which is a tough little bacteria that causes a more severe form of antibiotic-associated diarrhea – the bacteria causes mild diarrhea to severe colon inflammation, which can even be fatal,” Schultheis said. “C. diff is a spore, and to be able to kill that isn’t easy, but our technology and products work together as an effective sporicide, as well as killing viruses, bacteria, and other germs.”

C. diff is found in fecal matter and spread by touching a contaminated surface, such as a keyboard, blanket, or doorknob, often common in nursing homes, daycares, public restrooms, or anywhere else proper hygiene may be difficult or challenging.

“On the scale of ‘kill difficulty,’ viruses are actually the easiest (to kill), even the coronavirus and Ebola, for that matter,” said Chuck Peeples, operations manager, Midwest Pathogend Services. “At the bottom are viruses that have lipid envelopes – those ‘envelopes’ usually being derived from portions of the host’s cell membranes, but also include glycoproteins, and help (the virus) to evade the host’s immune system. Examples of these would be the flu, HBV, measles, mumps, rubella, chickenpox, Zika, and others.”

Above these are gram-positive bacteria such as staphylococcus and streptococcus. Above these are gram-negative bacteria, such as pseudomonas, Acinetobacter, Klebsiella, E. coli, and legionella.

“Harder to kill than the bacteria are fungi, including fungal spores, like Aspergillus fumigatus, A. flavus, Candida Auris, and above them are viruses without envelopes – Norovirus, Rotavirus, Rhinovirus, HPV, and others, and harder than these are myobacteria – Tuberculosis, and Mycobacterium Avium,” he said.

At the top of this “kill difficulty” pyramid are bacterial spores, such as tetanus, botulinum, Anthrax, and the aforementioned clostridium difficile, which is rated a “very high level” needed for disinfection. But despite the high difficulty level of the various spores, mold, bacteria, and viruses, the solution utilized by Midwest Pathogend has an astounding 99.9999% kill rate.

So, whether you’re fighting an outbreak or wanting to prevent your building or facility from becoming a breeding ground for infection, trust the training, experience, and tools of Midwest Pathogend Services, and rest assured that no germ will be left behind. For more information, contact Midwest Pathogend Services at 888-505-7032 or email eat1@eau1eav1eaw1

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