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Category: Food & Drink | Issue: November 2020

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Holiday Cheer Found Here
Supermarket matched price. No further discounts given. Can be used towards case pricing on other brands.

About Kwenchers

With over 11,000 square feet of store space, finding the right libation for the occasion is more fun than you can imagine! They feature the area's largest selection of wine, spirits and beer along with low prices and unmatched service. Come visit their spirited experts today! Kwenchers provides their customers with a variety of craft beer from Oklahoma and surrounding states. If you're a craft beer lover, they're constantly changing their stock of beer to give your palette the taste it needs!

Owner, Jason Hower, opened the Owasso store in 2014, with a passion for the history of wine and spirits. He moved from Kansas nearly 20 years ago. From there, he began working in various liquor stores in northeastern Oklahoma, first as a cashier, then as a manager. His quest for knowledge about wine, beer, and spirits makes him an expert on the subject, and he is eager to share his wisdom with his customers. The Kwenchers logo bears the image of a tugboat. Jason’s philosophy is to make sure that customers find exactly what they are looking for. “A tugboat helps something to get to where it’s going,” said Jason, “and they have a sea of options to choose from.”

With the state’s new liquor laws in place, Jason is proud to still have a great deal more to offer than grocery stores. The selection at Kwenchers includes over 2700 different kinds of wine, over 1,000 beers, and the equivalent in spirits. The store’s top seller is a “Build-your-own six-pack,” with close to 400 types of beers included for selection. The store added a walk-in cooler, with shelves stocked with ice-cold beer. Additionally, customers will find the Supermarket Matched Price offer, unlike anywhere else.

A unique collection of MIO (Made in Oklahoma) selections of snacks and non-alcohol products can also be found in the store. Some of the selection includes Rhino pretzels (Dill Pickle is the most popular!), Trader Dave’s Gourmet Treats, and others in a growing assortment. These items can be included in gift baskets combined with wine and spirits, carefully prepared onsite for holiday gifts.

So, whatever your preference, visit Kwenchers in Owasso and ask Hower for his recommendations. Kwenchers is open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

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(918) 609-6753
12914 E 86th St. N | Owasso, OK 74055