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Category: Retail - General | Issue: January 2020

Innergistic January 2020 Value News display ad image $25 off your first reiki sound alchemy session. - Expires February 4, 2020 - Innergistic Printable Coupon. coupon. Expires 2/4/20.

Vibration. Sound. Alchemy.
A sound journey back to your center.
Experience blissful vibrations to awaken the mind and illuminate the heart. This ancient spiritual technology has been used as a healing potion to receive and release frequency wave patterns within the body and energy field.

Upcoming Classes
Bringing Down the Veil - January 9th
Akashic Records Class - January 10th
Usui Reiki Certification Class - January 11th (RSVP)
Archangel Class - January 18th
Circle of Transformation- January 22nd

Animal Communication, destiny retrievals, illuminations, intuitive readings, reiki sessions, shaman work, yoga, painting classes, chakra jewelry, sage and incense, himalayan salt lamps, oracle cards, spirit animal totems

About Innergistic

LIGHTNESS. BEING. Innergistic is more than a place - It’s an embrace of philosophies, peaceful reflection, healing modalities and spiritual guidance that can enrich and elevate life in so many ways. For owner and Reiki Master Sherl Salyer, the call to help others heal came after her own healing experience. For years, Salyer struggled with crippling back pain. She visited countless doctors, but couldn’t find any answers to her ailment. Eventually, she found a Shaman who helped her understand that an emotional wound from years ago was the cause of her pain.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique for stress reduction that promotes internal and physical healing. Sherl, Usui Reiki Master & Karuna Reiki Master, practices sonic alchemy Reiki sound sessions, which uses crystal bowls, pyramids and drums that reverberates sound to address each of the seven chakras throughout our body.

Innergistic is all about connecting like-minded people, and helping those who are searching find peace and fulfillment. They offer a variety of services designed to answer your questions, rid stagnant energy, and provide healing in your mind, body, and soul. Services offered include: animal communication, destiny and soul retrievals, illuminations, intuitive readings, Reiki sessions, and Shaman work. In addition, they offer a myriad of classes and galleries designed to meet you where you are and transform your life.

The first studio of its kind in Broken Arrow, Innergistic is your go-to locale for spiritual merchandise. The rainbow of crystals will draw your eye as you browse the incense, sage, Chakra jewelry, Shaman instruments, music bowls, and more. For those who like to shop, Innergistic also has its own store, where jewelry, books, stones, crystals, incense, essential oils and salt lamps can be purchased. The common theme for Innergistic is a loving community that is created for the benefit of all who wants to participate.

The clinic is located at 2401 South Elm Place in Broken Arrow, is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11-7, with most classes scheduled in the evening to accommodate those who work. For more information on Reiki and other spiritual services, you can check out their website at or go to their Facebook page to search all the upcoming events.

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For more information, contact:


(918) 455-0102
2401 S Elm Pl | Broken Arrow, OK 74012