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Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: December 2019

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About Fueled Supplements

Fueled Supplements combines old school business ethics with new school technology, to bring you an advanced line of products to improve the quality of your life. They produce a wide range of top-quality products including Fueled Whey protein powder, several types of pre-workout, energy boosters, sleep aids, and fat burners, as well as merchandise including cyclone shaker bottles and athletic wear.

Their business is built on the precedent of old fashion business principles by putting people first, and that never will go out of style. Use the code "VALUES" at checkout for 20% off on most products!

From fad diet trends to celebrity endorsed weight loss programs, there is an abundance of ways to approach developing the right health and fitness plan. However, everyone is different and the key to success is understanding the facts and science behind each process to fit your unique goals and lifestyle. In the 21st century, supplements have become a staple in the fitness and bodybuilding community, but if you don’t understand effective dosing and what ingredient profiles to look for, you may end up with the wrong product. After a life spent working in the supplement industry and competing in elite athletic programs, they’ve made it their mission to educate consumers on the most effective products available to improve their lifestyle.

Fueled Supplements goes above and beyond all market standards to ensure quality, safety, effectiveness, and peace of mind for their customers. When they started the company, they agreed to formulate only premium products with the most advanced ingredients on the market and to never sacrifice quality or cut corners for profit. They currently offer 12 products to choose from that provide different ingredient profiles to suit each customer’s specific needs. They use many trademarked and patented ingredients such as Hydromax, Nitrosigine and Kre-Alkalyn that are scientifically proven to maximize results and are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility.

If you’re looking for where to start, visit for a complete product listing that includes every ingredient along with its description and dosing, providing full transparency to help customers decide which product works best for their needs. Follow @fueledsupplements on Instagram for health and workout tips, new product information and community inspiration from the #FueledFamily.

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