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Category: Educational | Issue: July 2019

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Jump Start Your New Career.
Classes Start Soon.
Ready to get on the fast track to success? Dental Assisting is one of the fastest-­growing careers in the country, offering annual salaries up to $40,000 per year. Dental Careers of Tulsa can prepare you for a reliable,­recession-proof career. Our ­10 or 14 week sessions give you access to critical knowledge and hands-on skills you can apply instantly - ­making YOU one of the most desirable dental assistants on the market!
Our Fast-Track Dental Assisting Program Offers:
• Small class sizes and personalized attention
• Hands-on training in an actual dental office
• Experienced instructors
• State-of-the-art technology
• Convenient night/weekend classes
• Affordable cost
Learn from the best... only $2,950

About Dental Careers of Tulsa

While no one can guarantee job placement, the dental profession is currently facing a shortage of trained dental assistants and receptionist. If you examine the want ads for dental assistants, the majority requires experience. Following your training in this 10-week course, you should have the confidence and skills necessary to apply for these positions. Because job opportunities are often lost during the first five minutes of the interview, part of your training will involve the Job Interview itself: how to prepare a resume, how to prepare for an interview, how to dress, what to say, etc. We feel it is important to train you in this area so that you will stand out from the competition. Additionally, doctors regularly call our office asking for a list of our recent student graduates. We also inform our current class of any doctors needing Dental Assistants so that they may apply directly for the position. Some of our students may obtain jobs as dental assistants even before finishing the course. You may ask what can a graduate from our course expect to make in their first job. As expected, the starting pay scale for experienced dental assistants is considerably higher than non-experienced and most offices will not even consider anyone without experience. Often, the answer depends on location, size, and type of Dental office. Offices in a metropolitan area generally pay higher salaries than those in suburban areas. Graduates of our course however can expect to start above the pay scale of those with no experience. Another factor often overlooked in a career choice is in the area of job satisfaction. The rewards and personal satisfaction of working in a health care profession and helping people in need are numerous. Knowing that you are directly participating with the dentist in treating patients and improving their dental health and well being will provide you with many personal rewards and a feeling of real accomplishment. Variety is also an aspect of job contentment. In the health care field, no two days are ever exactly alike. Each day as a dental assistant, you will be seeing and treating a continuously changing array of patients with many different and unique dental health problems. You won’t have time to be bored. Are you happy in your current job? If not, then do something about it! Take the first step toward your new career. Call today.

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