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Ask the Expert
What you need to know about teaching firearm use and safety to children
1. What is a good age to teach firearm safety?
Generally, age doesn't matter; maturity of the child does. A 5 year old who is respectful and listens well to instruction can safely be taught firearm basics, while another child may be 14 or 15 before he or she can or should be taught.

2. What are the four firearm safety rules?
Always treat every firearm as if they are loaded and ready to fire.
Always point the firearm in a safe direction, never point it at anything you are not willing to destroy.
Always keep your finger outside of the trigger guard and off the trigger until you have made the decision to fire.
Always make sure of your target and what is in front and behind it.

3. What should a child do if they see a firearm unsecured?
If they ever see a firearm anywhere unsecured, get an adult. Simply put, kids and firearms don't mix. Alerting an adult to a firearm's presence should be one of the first things youngsters learn. If an adult is not around, never touch a firearm. Ever. Leave it alone and tell an adult.

4. What do I say to my child about the realities of using a firearm?
Firearms are not like in the video games or on television. It should go without saying, but don't think you can wield a firearm like Rambo, or make bullets bend like in the Matrix.

5. What place do firearms have in our culture?
Firearms are necessary for hunting and personal protection. Teach them before the anti-gun crowd can teach them the wrong lessons about firearms.

6. Should I take my child to the shooting range?
If they are old enough and mature enough, take them to a gun range when there are few shooters if any around to interrupt your teaching session. Show them the safe way to use a small caliber firearm, preferably a .22 caliber one, or a pellet or BB gun. With this practice, they will be able to safely handle that weapon under adult supervision and know the true power of it. They will realize it is not a toy but a serious tool.

7. What's the best way to keep my child focused while using a firearm?
Teach kids to always pay attention and never do anything that might distract you while handling a firearm. Texting your friend? No. Teach them to use their heads! Stress the importance of safety, this is not a video game. This is real life, firearms can be dangerous if misused. If they become distracted, STOP!

8. How should my firearms be stored in my home?
This lesson is for the adults - Keep all firearms locked up and secured when not in use. A loaded firearm under the couch is not safe storage. As with sharp instruments, matches, house-hold chemicals or power tools, they have no place being accessible to children. Loaded or unloaded, lock them up and secure them, whether from children or unauthorized adults.

Education cannot be stressed enough.
Firearm educated children will know the right from wrong and will not be tempted by the curiosity factor if they already were shown a firearm. You and your family are invited to our Practical Gun Safety and USe Classes; give us a call. At Crusader Tactical our experience makes the difference.

Outstanding selection....Professional advice.
Guns, sales, service, instruction.
Outstanding selection....Professional advice.
Guns, sales, service, instruction.

About Crusader Tactical

Owners, Danny Jones and Andy Shidell, have a history dating back to college where they were fraternity brothers. The two became good friends and kept in touch after graduation. Danny grew up in Broken Arrow and ran a sand and gravel business with his brother and sister. Andy is from Mustang, OK, and was employed as a U.S. probation officer and firearms instructor. He also competed with pistols. Both men formally retired about two years ago. The guys had previous discussions about one day opening a business together.

Crusader Tactical, located on the Northeast corner of 101st in Elm, in Broken Arrow, offers a large selection of firearms, accessories, service, and classes. Crusader Tactical’s mission is to redefine the typical gun store experience for everyone, and for their customers to leave knowing they came to the right place. They have proven successful in their mission with 5-star reviews on the web, and a long list of testimonials, since opening in July 2017.

Visiting the guys at the shop also allows customers to get a feel for the right fit in a firearm and see firsthand all the many firearm additions that are available for purchase. Crusader Tactical offers cases, gun parts, scopes, ammo, and more in their extensive line of accessories. Customers with custom needs will also benefit from the wealth of knowledge and the combined years of firearm experience that Danny and Andy possess.

Their major lines include: Glock, S&W, Ruger, Canik, Sig Saur, Springfield, Remington, Taurus, Mossberg and Walther. Anderson Manufacturing, Strike Industries, Bushmaster, Del-Ton, Core 15, Bear Creek Arsenal, Century Arms, Aero Precision and Athlon Optics. Their website allows customers to buy online, as well as customize orders that are shipped to the shop for processing. Additionally, users can access a listing of the classes offered by Crusader Tactical, including Concealed Carry Courses. Upcoming plans for classes include basic handgun and rifle operation and maintenance training. Andy is a certified use-of-force instructor and provides more comprehensive information than found elsewhere during his classes for self-protection training. Customers can find all classes offered on the website, as well as a blog with insightful articles on gun safety, news, and product reviews.

Both Danny and Andy feel that what separates them from other gun shops is the level of customer service they provide. Honest, humble, and respectful service is the foundation of Crusader Tactical, making the purchase of a firearm a comfortable and confident experience. When you visit Crusader Tactical you’ll be impressed with the product and accessory displays and the overall cleanliness. They partner with US Law Shield and are an Authorized Glock Stocking Dealer.

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